[Dangerous Nutcases] California green-lights initiative that's a
conspiracy theorist's dream


        The initiative would eliminate vaccination requirements for
        schools and daycares, banish genetically modified organisms,
        and prohibit basic water treatments with fluoride and
        chlorine. The initiative would ban more than 300 chemicals,
        including fire retardants, and it would order the removal of
        smart meters. These, the initiative claims, are "neither smart
        nor meters but intermittent samplers, not accurate, not
        accountable, [that] emit and receive unnecessary radiation."
        The initiative, dubbed the "California Clean Environment"
        initiative, will create an elected, three-person board to
        oversee the sweeping regulations and approve new chemicals.
        Violations under the initiative would be considered up to
        felony crimes punishable by fines and prison sentences.

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Lock up these wackos. They're dangerous to us all.

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