[SOUNDS AWFUL] Gmail will let you browse websites in your email with new AMP 


        Google is bringing its Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)
        capabilities to email today through a developer preview for
        Gmail. The feature, called AMP for Email, will allow
        developers to make emails "more interactive and engaging."
        Google envisions the feature to be beneficial to users because
        developers can embed widgets in emails that are constantly
        up-to-date and include actionable functions that work without
        leaving your inbox. 

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My initial reaction to this, based on what I've examined so far, is
that it could end up being an absolutely AWFUL idea. It's bad enough
for those of us (and this includes many large firms) who have to strip
all of the HTML garbage out of emails for security and safety reasons
before presenting them to users. Worse, it's increasingly common to
find email that violates specs and doesn't include any non-HTML part
at all (which at many sites is considered to be a 100% signal for
spam). Already, the HTML portions of email are the primary carriers of
phishing and other criminal payloads. Encouraging even more layers of
HTML complexity and content in email -- however attractive to 
Google -- strikes me as counterproductive at best and dangerous at worst --
and I haven't even discussed the range of compatibility issues that
are inevitable as messages loaded down with such garbage are ingested
by conventional email systems that don't have the capability (or
desire) to deal with them. Perhaps I'm misunderstanding this
completely. I sure hope so.

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