Facebook Turned Its Two-Factor Security 'Feature' Into the Worst Kind of Spam


        What's most frustrating is that Facebook has taken a security
        feature like two-factor authentication--which gives users
        valuable protection from phishing and account takeovers--and
        perverted it into a tool for spam. It's a decision that
        prioritizes engagement over security and will teach users who
        are experimenting with two-factor for the first time that it's
        not worth the hassle, ultimately degrading user safety.
        "Abusing a security technology like 2FA by turning it into a
        marketing opportunity is pretty much the most short-term
        clever, long-term foolish thing Facebook could do," Matthew
        Green, a cryptographer at Johns Hopkins University, tweeted.

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This is how to drive people away from 2-factor, 2-step verification
systems. Asking for a mobile number for 2sv, and then using it for
other purposes, is exactly what users are afraid will happen. Google
does not do this. But as we see, Facebook has taken the low road, yet

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