NRA goes on the offensive after Parkland shooting, assailing media and
calling for more armed school security

        In a series of statements, speeches and videos, the gun rights
        group -- a powerful force in American politics -- sought to
        stem what has been an emotionally charged wave of calls for
        new gun restrictions since police say a teenager armed with an
        AR-15 rifle killed 17 people at his former high school. An NRA
        spokeswoman debated survivors of the attack during a heated
        town hall Wednesday night, and in a speech Thursday morning,
        Wayne LaPierre, the NRA chief executive, excoriated the media
        for its coverage of the shooting.  "They don't care about our
        school children," LaPierre said near the start of the
        Conservative Political Action Conference, the largest annual
        gathering of American conservatives. "They want to make all of
        us less free."

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Wayne LaPierre and the rest of his sick NRA cronies -- and that
includes Trump who spent the morning praising the NRA -- are by any
ethical measure the equivalent of mass murderers. While we can't lock
them up for life as we do with far less heinous monsters, we can vote
them out, push them back into their stinking cages, and keep them as
far away as possible from positions of authority, and in particular
make sure that they get nowhere near our children -- who would be far
safer with many garden variety sex offenders than with these satanic
gun crazies.

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