How to test Trump's "arm the teachers" plan!

I'm a science guy and I like empirical research, so let's consider
how to test Trump's "arm the teachers" proposal! Apparently in Texas
there are already some armed teachers who have been trained as Trump
suggests, so let's choose one of them at random. They must bring
along their usual concealed handgun. This must be placed in its
usual, presumably secure concealed location for this experiment. 

Now, we place the teacher in a typical teaching situation, perhaps
writing at the blackboard or sitting at their desk doing paperwork or
reading (no students in the classroom for this experiment, but we'll
place dummies in the seats). We have another experimental subject --
let's say under age 21 -- and armed with an AK-15 and a high capacity

OK, the experimental conditions are established. At a random time, the
AK-15 user bursts into the room, firing their weapon in the process.
All the teacher needs to do is stop the AK-15 shooter using their own
handgun. Extra credit if the teacher survives. Double extra credit if
the student dummies in the classroom seats aren't inundated with
bullets in the course of this experiment. 

Isn't science great?

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