Prosecutors will seek death penalty for Nikolas Cruz, Parkland shooting suspect

        Attorneys for Cruz do not contest his guilt, and they have
        offered to have him plead guilty if prosecutors did not seek
        the death penalty and instead agreed to a life sentence in
        prison.  Howard Finkelstein, the Broward public defender, has
        said it would be wrong for Cruz to be executed when
        authorities missed so many red flags and warning signs
        preceding the shooting. Finkelstein said Tuesday that the
        prosecutor's announcement was not unexpected, but again
        repeated that his team was ready to have Cruz plead guilty on
        all counts in exchange for 34 consecutive life sentences
        without parole.

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This is of course purely a political decision by desperate
prosecutors. They know full well that even if they can get a death
penalty verdict -- which given all of the mental health issues
involved in this case is unlikely -- they will never actually be able
to execute him. Hypocritical slimeballs.

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