Police Say YouTube Policies Motivated Shooter


        In a press conference on Wednesday, Ed Barberini, San Bruno's
        police chief, said police suspect Aghdam's primary motive was
        her frustration with "the policies and practices of YouTube."
        Police are attempting to gain access to Aghdam's social media
        accounts in order to further understand her exact motives. "We
        know that she was upset with YouTube," Barberini said. He also
        explained that police have no reason to believe that she was
        selecting specific individuals to fire at. There is still no
        confirmation that all three shooting victims were employed by
        YouTube. The video platform did not immediately return a
        request for comment.  Aghdam's father Ismail told the The
        Mercury News that she had been reported missing, and said he
        told police that she might be going to YouTube headquarters
        because she "hated" and was "angry" at the company. "She was
        always complaining that YouTube ruined her life," Aghdam's
        brother Shahran told the paper. Ismail says that police
        notified him late Tuesday night that everything was "under
        control." He also said he was unaware that his daughter owned
        a weapon.

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