Tragic YouTube shooting casts new light on creators' "adpocalypse"

        The shooting has put a massive spotlight on this topic, which,
        up until now, has been more likely to appear in angry YouTube
        videos than on major newspaper headlines. But well before this
        shooting, Aghdam was just one of many voices on the site to
        cry foul about YouTube's policies.

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Google absolutely needs to control the content on their platforms,
including YouTube. Obviously, I have strongly urged that they exercise
suitable controls. The dilemma occurs when such new enforcement regimes
and other changes are put in place in the absence of suitably
transparent and fair appeal and escalation procedures -- a situation
that can enormously enhance aggrieved users' sense that they have not
gotten a fair shake. I'll be back on my usual venue on "Coast to Coast
AM" radio tonight around 10:06PM PDT or so to discuss this for a few

Also please see: "Tragically, the YouTube Shooting Attack Is Not a
Complete Surprise" -

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