'The Simpsons' Responds to Criticism About Apu With a Dismissal


        On Sunday night, "The Simpsons," a cultural staple and
        television's longest-running sitcom, now in its 29th season,
        finally responded: with a dismissive nod that earned the show
        more criticism, especially from Mr. Kondabolu himself. The
        episode, titled "No Good Read Goes Unpunished," featured a
        scene with Marge Simpson sitting in bed with her daughter
        Lisa, reading a book called "The Princess in the Garden," and
        attempting to make it inoffensive for 2018.

 - - -

In fact, The Simpsons creators seem to be purposely disingenuous.
There is no valid equating of past artistic works -- books, movies,
art, whatever -- which are creations of their time and the
sensibilities of that time, vis-a-vis ongoing current treatment of a
character in a racist way. Sorry Simpsons -- you're just wrong.

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