Europe even wants to ban Creative Commons licenses -- the EU proposals are 

The EU's latest copyright proposal is so bad, it even outlaws Creative
Commons licenses

        Under the new rules, anyone who allows the public to post
        material will have to maintain vast databases of copyrighted
        works claimed by rightsholders, and any public communications
        that matches anything in these databases has to be blocked.
        These databases have been tried on much more modest scales --
        Youtube's Content ID is a prominent example -- and they're a
        mess. Because rightsholders are free to upload anything and
        claim ownership of it, Content ID is a font of garbagey,
        sloppy, fraudulent copyright abuse: five different companies
        claim to own the rights to white noise; Samsung claims to own
        any drawing of its phones; Nintendo claims it owns gamers'
        animated mashups; Sony claims it owns stock footage it stole
        from a filmmaker whose work it had censored; the biggest music
        companies in the world all claim to own the rights to "Silent
        Night", a rogues' gallery of sleazy copyfraudsters claim to
        own NASA's spacecraft landing footage -- all in all, these
        systems benefit the large and the unethical at the cost of
        small and nimble.  That's just for starters ...

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How many years have I been warning that the EU is the worst risk to
freedom of speech on the planet, dedicated to enforcing their own sick
regimes around the world? They make Russia, China, and even North
Korea look like the good guys in these contexts by comparison. It was
clear where they were going once they started their monstrous "Right
To Be Forgotten" nonsense. Yep, we may have to cut Europe off the Net
entirely if this keeps up. How about blocking all users coming from
European ip addresses? Will it come to that? If the twisted EU
politicians and bureaucrats have their way, we might have to actually
go that far just to protect ourselves!

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