[And crooks rejoice!] Gmail's redesign may use 'Confidential Mode' for
added security


        The Verge has a new tip. Google is introducing a Confidential
        Mode, which will allow Gmail senders to prevent recipients
        from forwarding, copying, downloading or printing certain
        emails.  Gmail is also adding more features that will appeal
        to business users. You can set a a passcode to open emails,
        generated by SMS, and set an expiration date on emails. These
        are, of course, in addition to the features that have already
        been leaked, such as snooze, smart replies and the different
        views of Gmail.  These are certainly interesting new security
        features. It's unclear how they will work as of right now. As
        The Verge notes, Gmail's restrictions on copying, downloading
        or printing will probably not prevent someone from taking a
        screenshot of an email (and certainly won't stop them from
        taking a photo), and it's unclear how any of this will apply
        to those who use IMAP and POP3 to access Gmail.

 - - -

I would assume that such "messages" would have to remain within the
Gmail ecosystem, and that they wouldn't be "email" at all in the sense
that they could be sent to non-participating external systems, or if
they were, there'd have to be a warning to the sender that some
recipients were not in the "Gmail Destructo-Loop" -- or something like

So here's the plan. You take your phone and get a nice photo of the
message that's supposed to self-destruct. Then you run it back through
a handy OCR service and you have text again to forward to all your
friends! Not exactly rocket science. Since Google knows this, they'd
have to frame this feature with all kinds of provisos to be honest
about it. It will be interesting to see how they handle this if this
feature ever sees the non-dogfood light of day.

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