[Build a wall around the EU!] Google loses 'right to be forgotten'
case over man's past conviction


        The case highlights the challenges Google has had obeying
        requests under the EU rules, which some have complained are too
        nebulous. At the same time, it could also establish precedent
        for future cases. Google and other internet companies might
        not have the option of dismissing conviction-related requests
        out of hand -- they may have to weigh the seriousness of
        crimes and the convict's willingness to reform. And that could
        be tricky. At what point does a crime become too serious to
        wipe from search results? How does Google know a convict's
        repentance is sincere? As much as this case might have done to
        explain Google's responsibility, it may have introduced more

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Ridiculous. Insane. The crimes happened, the convictions happened. The
Orwellian attitude of the EU demanding that Google try to "hide"
search results that point to still available news stories and other
materials about these CRIMES is absolute lunacy. The EU is worse than
Russia and China rolled into one in this respect. Political pandering
at its very worst. The EU wants to control information around the
world. Seriously, I'd just pull the plug on them. Let them run their
own Internet for awhile cut off from the rest of the world. They can
come back when they learn that they are not the planetary censorship
masters. I know where we should build a goddamned "wall"!

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