[Univ. of Sydney] New blood pressure guidelines could put lives at risk


        "First, wider disease definitions mean more people are
        labelled as unwell, even if they have low risk of a disease,"
        said the report's lead author, Dr Katy Bell of the University
        of Sydney.  "Labeling a person as having hypertension
        increases their risk of anxiety and depression, as compared to
        the risk for people with the same blood pressure who aren't
        labelled as hypertensive.  "Second, it means more people may
        experience serious adverse effects from treatments.  "Third,
        in countries without universal health coverage, such as the
        United States, people newly diagnosed with hypertension may
        face difficulties gaining insurance coverage for a
        'pre-existing' condition."  Report co-author, Bond University
        Professor Paul Glasziou said: "The ACC/AHA guideline follow an
        established pattern in the medical specialties, where disease
        definitions are more often widened than narrowed.  "Systolic
        blood pressure has poor reproducibility, with a 10mmHg
        standard deviation for repeat measurements between clinics,"
        he added.

 - - -

Now, let's see. Who would benefit from classifying 10's of millions of
people as needing drugs to treat hypertension who don't really need
them? Hmm.

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