Bill Gates Says Donald Trump Didn't Know HIV and HPV Were Different
Things, Was Real Weird About Bill Gates' Daughter

        In both of those meetings, Gates says Trump asked him if
        vaccines "weren't a bad thing." Robert F. Kennedy Jr., a
        vaccine skeptic, said in January 2017 that Trump was
        considering creating a commission (with Kennedy at the head)
        to study the negative effects of vaccines. "I said 'No, that's
        a dead end, that'd be a bad thing, don't do that,'" Gates said
        of the idea ... In the clips, Gates also implied that Trump
        got horny on main for Gates' 22 year-old daughter Jennifer,
        and that, in his first meeting with Trump, the president went
        into detail about her appearance. With her dad, who is Bill
        Gates ... "He knew my daughter Jennifer because Trump has this
        horse show thing down in Florida, and he went up and talked to
        Jen and was being super nice," Gates said. "And then, about 20
        minutes later, he flew in by helicopter to the same place, so
        clearly he had been driven away but he wanted to make a grand
        entrance in a helicopter."

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