Paul Manafort getting 'VIP' treatment in prison with private cell,
bathroom, phone, laptop, special counsel says

        Manafort, according to federal prosecutors, has had multiple
        visits with his legal team each week, and also is allowed to
        use an in-unit personal telephone for more than twelve hours a
        day to speak with his attorneys.  "Each phone call session is
        limited to fifteen minutes, but there is no restriction on the
        number of phone call sessions, meaning that Manafort
        immediately can reconnect with his attorneys whenever the
        fifteen minutes expires," the filing read, while clarifying
        that "the attorney calls are not monitored."  The facility
        also has made "extra accommodations for Manafort's use of the
        laptop, including providing him an extension cord to ensure
        the laptop can be used in his unit and not just in the
        separate workroom."  "Although the jail does not allow
        prisoners to send or receive emails, Manafort appears to have
        developed a workaround," the special counsel's filing
        explained. "Manafort has revealed on the monitored phone calls
        that in order to exchange emails, he reads and composes emails
        on a second laptop that is shuttled in and out of the facility
        by his team. When the team takes the laptop from the jail, it
        reconnects to the internet and Manafort's emails are

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