Thanks Kevin! I'll give it a shot. I just have like 500 transactions
that it's trying to merge, I'll just have to sort them out one by one
when I have time, and assign buckets to all of them... probably not
necessary for past transactions, but I don't like seeing a number next
to "unassigned"...



On Jun 2, 4:50 pm, Kevin Hoctor <> wrote:
> On Jun 2, 2009, at 1:12 PM, LineProphet wrote:
> > I've been importing quicken files to my account, and just recently my
> > bank showed up on direct download (woohooo!)
> > Is there anyway to set how far back direct connect downloads? It's
> > downloads an entire year's worth of stuff, and asks me to merge
> > transactions... I say ok, and then my balances are off, I must be
> > missing some transactions somewhere. Anyone else had this issue?
> You can use the Reset button on the Account Detail to tell MoneyWell  
> to download as many transactions as the bank offers but you can't  
> limit it.
> Check to make sure your starting balance transaction is correct. If  
> you had one before downloading older transactions, it's probably stuck  
> in the middle of your list.
> How can I get my balance in MoneyWell to match my bank balance?
> Peace,
> Kevin Hoctor
> No Thirst Software LLChttp://nothirst.com
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