Update: Found that two transactions were continuing to behave
erratically. Re-entered the transaction information for the two
problem transactions in new transactions then deleted the two problem

On Jun 3, 11:41 pm, johna <john.amagli...@gmail.com> wrote:
> I imported a number of transactions (OFX). After editing several
> transaction Payee fields, I noticed that some fields (particularly
> Bucket and Payee fields) in previous transactions began to change
> spontaneously, whenever I would edit a Payee field. There doesn't seem
> to be a very consistent behavior but generally, there's seems to be a
> "one off" behavior, as though the Payee value I'm typing would bump
> the previous edited Payee or Bucket field. Closed and opened Moneywell
> but behavior remains. Ideas?
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