Just switched to Mac and I have been looking for a decent Finance
programming and I think I have found it in MoneyWell, until now I love

Here is my question about importing the CSV-format. I use this for
importing data from the Dutch bank ING. This format has the following

"Datum","Naam / Omschrijving","Rekening","Tegenrekening","Code","Af
Bij","Bedrag (EUR)","MutatieSoort","Mededelingen"
Date, Name/description, my account nr, account nr of the other, Code,
Deposit type, Amount, Type, Memo

My problem is that I do not have enought collumns to assign to. Right
now I use Memo for "Name/description", "Payee" for the account number
of the other and "Check ref" for the Type. But I miss Memo.
I tried to assign "Memo" for two fields but that does not work, it
will only use one (the last one I believe). Is this perhaps possible
in a future release, I mean to merge two collumns? Because right now
it's sometimes difficult to memorize what the transaction was for.
And where is Check ref. for?

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