I am starting a new file. I have a checking, savings, credit card, car
loans, etc. I put the balances for all my accounts as of their last
statement date, then inputted all the transactions into those accounts
that happened since the last statement for each.

I have a transfer coming out of my checking account to pay for one of
my car loans. I assign it a bucket on the checking side (car loan).
Because my checking account statement ended after my last car loan
statement, there is an "orphan" transaction (car payment) that needed
to be added to the car loan side. I couldn't make it a transfer
because I don't want the transaction showing up in my checking
account, but I also don't think I should assign it to a bucket.

Now I have a transaction with no bucket in my car loan account. Should
I worry about this? I've read on the forums that EVERY transaction
should have a bucket associated with it, unless it was a transfer.
What can I do to correct this, or should I not worry about it?


Fontana, CA
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