The QIF seems to work fine, all amounts show up correctly and the
negative and positive amounts are shown correctly.


On Jun 16, 10:59 pm, Kevin Hoctor <> wrote:
> MoneyWell Customers,
> A new build of MoneyWell has been posted for testing. The 1.4.9 RC has  
> improvements for CSV and QIF imports so please test this functionality  
> well, especially if you are using tab-delimited files or non-U.S.  
> formatted numbers. Send any bug reports directly to  
> This will be a very short beta so download and  
> test as soon as possible please.
> Version 1.4.9 (251)
>   - Improved number format selector on CSV and QIF imports to handle  
> non-U.S. decimal delimitors
>   - Improved duplicate merge to intelligently append memo field text
>   - Improved text description on Set Password panel
>   - Fixed CSV import to properly handle tab-delimited data with blank  
> columns
> You can download it here:
> Thanks.
> Peace,
> Kevin Hoctor
> No Thirst Software LLChttp://nothirst.com
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