I'm really enjoying Moneywell over the past month or so of use. In
that time, I've also found a few features I'd like to see added. It
may also be that these features exist and I don't know how to use
them, so if that's the class, I would gladly receive instruction.

1. For transfers, the option to hide accounts in the drop-down list
that are hidden in the accounts list. As of now, with about 8 years of
Quicken data imported, the account drop-down list is really long for
me, but in that list I only actively use about 5 of those accounts,
and it would be nice not to have to scroll through the whole thing
looking for them every time.

2. Split transfer transactions. For example, I recently opened a new
checking and savings account. I wrote a check from my other checking
account to deposit money into these two accounts when I opened them.
At present, I cannot split the transfer so that $XX goes to my savings
and $XX goes to my checking. My workaround was to put the whole
deposit in Cash, and then create two transactions from cash into the
new accounts to separate the money from that check. But I'd rather not
have to use a workaround.

3. A better mechanism to handle a "cash back" transaction on a debit
card. For example, I go to the grocery store, spend maybe $10 on
groceries, $10 on household items, and get $20 back in cash. I want to
put that cash into the cash account without assigning it a bucket, and
put my other $20 of expenses in the appropriate buckets. Right now,
the best way I've found to handle this is to send the whole amount
($40, say) to the cash bucket, and then do two more transactions from
there ($10 to groceries, $10 to household). What should be one split
transaction becomes three (or more) transactions in multiple accounts.

3. Scheduled Split Transactions. This would be nice for a paycheck,
for example, or for other bills with more than one bucket item.

4. Smart Credit Card Scheduled Transactions. Quicken had a feature
that set the amount of the scheduled transaction for the cc payment to
the current balance. I'd like to see something similar in Moneywell.

Even with my desire to see these features added, I still think
Moneywell is great and an improvement over Quicken. Thanks so much for
your hard work and support!
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