Hi All , I am working to create a HTTP server using net module of NODE JS. 
I am facing an issue when content type is multipart/form-data
With content type as multipart/form-data and uploading mulitple files , 
request is coming in chunks . Basically data event on socket is gettting 
fired twice. First time when data event is getting fired , it contains 
request with just header contents and in second attempt it has only body 
Basically issue is similar to this stack overflow 
. I am using mac OSX
My Code base for same can be found at 
function in which data event is handled ā€”ā€”> lib -> server.js -> 
testing of server code - test->index.js
Currently Iā€™m setting a timeout for 1second before proceeding further to 
process request. In that 1second , appending all the variuos requests 
received from data events into an array . But its kind of blocking approach 
. Can someone help me in the correct approach on this ?

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