It is an extremely flexible online authentication and authorization server, 
technology independent and offering easy integration with any type of 
database. It facilitates creation of a clean and elegant solution, using 
access tokens, OAuth 2.0., limitless social media sign in as well as Single 
Sign On with a custom login app. You can start using it in an almost 
effortless and quick way – no need to read tons of specifications and 
readme files (just 4 REST API endpoints and a simple HTTPS user endpoint 
schema), minimum time is required to deploy a working solution. SSQ Signon 
does not require either use of cookies or storage of database connection 
strings or third party application secrets in another system. The solution 
also offers a convenient dummy users endpoint for development and trials.
Super-simple usage examples and one-line integration tools are provided in 
node.js, angular.js and Micorsoft.Net. Should you be interested please 
follow the instructions on the website or e-mail us at


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