On Monday, we'll talk about file transfer: HTTP, which is the method of
getting and sending information in the web browser; SFTP, which is a method
of securely uploading files to a web host; and how to use Git to host a

We'll set up free web hosting accounts at https://www.NearlyFreeSpeech.NET
(which you should sign up for now), and upload to them using the FileZilla
client (which you should install now: http://filezilla-project.org/).

If you can't make it to the lecture, you can watch a live video stream of
the class:
This video stream will also be available to watch after the class is

--- The usual details follow ---

Learn HTML, CSS and JavaScript - and put them to good use! This weekly
lecture series, taught by Jeffrey Carl Faden, is aimed at complete
beginners who are interested in making websites, as well as seasoned
professionals looking to brush up on the latest and greatest.

Front-end web development is all about making code that runs in the browser
(versus code that runs on the server). This class focuses on writing
interactive web applications, taking designs and turning them into code,
and much more.

The class starts on Monday at 8pm, and goes until 10pm! Plan to arrive
EARLY, as the class can fill up very fast. We will have a recap of last
week's material starting at 7:30pm. If you're either new, couldn't make
last week's class or you simply need a refresher, come early and we'll go
through a simple tutorial.

This class does go in a series, but the series can last up to half a year.
Don't let it discourage you if you're starting from the middle - attend
recaps and labs and you should be able to catch up!

This class and the space in which it's taught are entirely free to attend.
Please bring a laptop. Read all of the details here:

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