As our rocky planet traces its orbit around the sun, it is once again the
third Sunday of the month. Its time for friends both old and new to gather
up your curiosity, knowledge, locks and tools and bring them to Nosiebridge
in San Francisco, Sunday October 16th at 1 PM.

This month's Locktoberfest will feature

   - Tails from our member(s) (I'm looking at you Bret) who attended
   Lockcon in the Netherlands last month, the annual international locksport
   - Introduction to lockpicking for beginners. We will supply the locks
   and tools, you only need to bring your enthusiasm.
   - An (unconfirmed) appearance by the Skunklock creators, a bicycle lock
   that's filled with peperspray. A good example of when to use
   Non-Destructive Entry (NDE)
   - Lockpicking tools. We will be making picks and turning tools at this
   meeting, if you'd like to join the fun, bring some material: windshield
   wiper inserts, hacksaw blades, feeler gauge stock, etc. As always, we will
   have the Tremendous Twelve pick set for sale at the meeting if you'd like a
   nice set.
   - Access to the most wonderful, sharing, genuinely nice people of our
   group who show up regularly and semi regularly to our monthly meetings.
   These folks are the heart of our group and are always willing to share what
   they know.

I hope to see you all there.

- Bob
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