@ahrens pushed 10 commits.

32b706a  7405 loader command interpreter should reset command_errmsg
d148d46  7372 support NVMe volatile write cache
a2bd381  7376 nvme(7d) manpage cleanup
6801591  7377 want mechanism to override physical block size of NVMe devices
ad6d02f  7383 sunddi.h isn't cstyle clean
df8c228  7381 support EUI64 in blkdev
24979ca  7382 basic NVMe 1.1 support
5cbe397  7437 Add the missing space between .asciz directive and opening quote 
in btxldr.S
8ae05c1  7392 remove event channel support from lofi and implement 
ecab993  Merge commit '8ae05c101a3c849364fa53a66ec87aa59823326a' into 

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