@romainl pushed 87 commits.

3b30469  patch 8.0.0810: MS-Windows: tests still hang
ddd2a34  patch 8.0.0811: MS-Windows: test_expand_dllpath fails
19c544c  patch 8.0.0812: terminal window colors shift when 'number' is set
954d260  patch 8.0.0813: cannot use a terminal window while the job is running
85b60e0  patch 8.0.0814: file in Filelist does not exist
414924d  patch 8.0.0815: terminal window not correctly updated
d02a767  patch 8.0.0816: crash when using invalid buffer number
b00cea9  patch 8.0.0817: cannot get the terminal line at the cursor
7becaf4  patch 8.0.0818: cannot get the cursor position of a terminal
2d62cd7  patch 8.0.0819: cursor not positioned in terminal window
cf005e5  patch 8.0.0820: GUI: cursor in terminal window lags behind
efe3dff  patch 8.0.0821: cannot get the title and status of a terminal window
e510776  patch 8.0.0822: Test_with_partial_callback is a tiny bit flaky
5fe9c0e  patch 8.0.0823: cannot paste text into a terminal window
9098c2c  patch 8.0.0824: in Terminal mode the cursor and screen gets redrawn
673f47d  patch 8.0.0825: not easy to see that a window is a terminal window
7c84ce9  patch 8.0.0826: cannot use text objects in Terminal mode
07ee68f  patch 8.0.0827: Coverity: could leak pty file descriptor
ba0ab07  patch 8.0.0828: Coverity: may dereference NULL pointer
23270f4  patch 8.0.0829: job running in terminal can't communicate with Vim
6d3873f  patch 8.0.0830: translating messages is not ideal
bb633bf  patch 8.0.0831: with 8 colors the bold attribute is not set properly
da57ca9  patch 8.0.0832: terminal function arguments are not consistent
ff25798  patch 8.0.0833: terminal test fails
38a61dd  patch 8.0.0834: can't build without the client-server feature
82c82e5  patch 8.0.0835: translations check with msgfmt does not work
1c2d78f  patch 8.0.0836: can abandon a terminal buffer after making a change
6741636  Updated runtime files
96a3cdd  patch 8.0.0837: signs can be drawn on top of console messages
505d9f4  patch 8.0.0838: buffer hangs around whem terminal window is closed
3b6210f  patch 8.0.0839: cannot kill a job in a terminal with CTRL-C
c5a426a  patch 8.0.0840: MS-Windows: fopen() and open() prototypes are wrong
795324a  patch 8.0.0841: term_getline() may cause a crash
3e87e09  patch 8.0.0842: using slave pty after closing it
a59dacd  patch 8.0.0843: MS-Windows: compiler warning for signed/unsigned
721e718  patch 8.0.0844: wrong function prototype because of missing static
f0ec0b0  patch 8.0.0845: MS-Windows: missing semicolon in terminal code
3127953  patch 8.0.0846: cannot get the name of the pty of a job
f32374a  patch 8.0.0847: :argadd without argument can't handle space in file 
60c6086  patch 8.0.0848: using multiple ch_log functions is clumsy
dad4c52  patch 8.0.0849: crash when job exit callback wipes the terminal
0209f78  patch 8.0.0850: MS-Windows: error message while starting up may be 
33e15cb  patch 8.0.0851: 'smartindent' is used even when 'indentexpr' is set
b446e65  patch 8.0.0852: MS-Windows: possible crash when giving a message on 
44491f0  patch 8.0.0853: crash when running terminal with unknown command
7858dfd  patch 8.0.0854: no redraw after terminal was closed
7d61b3f  patch 8.0.0855: MS-Windows: can't get tty name of terminal
cf20df9  patch 8.0.0856: MS-Windows: terminal job doesn't take options
a342998  patch 8.0.0857: terminal test fails on MS-Windows
1472b07  patch 8.0.0858: can exit while a terminal is still running a job
5c945f2  patch 8.0.0859: NULL pointer access when term_free_vterm called twice
a7e451d  patch 8.0.0860: side effects when channel appends to a buffer
0ba7918  patch 8.0.0861: still many old style tests
833c593  patch 8.0.0862: file size test fails on MS-Windows
d823767  patch 8.0.0863: a remote command does not work in the terminal window
9ed46db  patch 8.0.0864: cannot specify the name of a terminal
c316ba9  patch 8.0.0865: cannot build with channel but without terminal feature
ee2e789  patch 8.0.0866: Solaris also doesn't have MIN and MAX
3d2ad97  patch 8.0.0867: job and channel in a dict value not quoted
6ff4d9b  patch 8.0.0868: cannot specify the terminal size on the command line
e91b4f6  patch 8.0.0869: job output is sometimes not displayed in a terminal
8b00ce9  patch 8.0.0870: mouse escape codes sent to terminal unintentionally
656f3aa  patch 8.0.0871: status line for a terminal window always has "[+]".
4fe30e4  patch 8.0.0872: no mouse scroll with a terminal window
b1f10d8  patch 8.0.0873: in terminal cannot use CTRL-\ CTRL-N to start Visual 
b213ba5  patch 8.0.0874: can't build with terminal feature
8a02f0e  patch 8.0.0875: crash with weird command sequence
da4c356  patch 8.0.0876: backslashes and wildcards in backticks don't work
c5230ff  patch 8.0.0877: using CTRL-\ CTRL-N in terminal is inconsistent
05f0903  patch 8.0.0878: no completion for :mapclear
b452f64  patch 8.0.0879: crash when shifting with huge number
522ad2a  patch 8.0.0880: Travis uses an old Ubuntu version
6459c89  patch 8.0.0881: win32.mak no longer included in Windows SDK
286805f  patch 8.0.0882: term_scrape() and term_getline() require two arguments
abb527a  patch 8.0.0883: invalid memory access with nonsensical script
c93a00d  patch 8.0.0884: can't specify the wait time for term_wait()
2faf392  patch 8.0.0885: terminal window scrollback is stored inefficiently
1b9e2a5  patch 8.0.0886: crash when using ":term ls"
a591e54  patch 8.0.0887: can create a logfile in the sandbox
3180808  patch 8.0.0888: compiler warnings with 64 bit build
be5efa6  patch 8.0.0889: gcc gives warnings for uninitialized variables
d1d6ec7  patch 8.0.0890: still many old style tests
0190001  patch 8.0.0891: uninitialized memory use with empty line in terminal
41e4aef  patch 8.0.0892: when opening a terminal the pty size doesn't always 
47cb47d  patch 8.0.0893: cannot get the scroll count of a terminal window
4b90f36  patch 8.0.0894: there is no test for runtime filetype detection
46bb6e3  patch 8.0.0895: filetype test fails on MS-Windows

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