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   1. [notepad-plus - Plugin Development] RE:   CCompletion 1.06
   2. [notepad-plus - Open Discussion] RE: S or R       language
      definition file (


Message: 1
Date: Mon, 18 Feb 2008 04:33:52 -0800
Subject: [Notepad-plus-plus] [notepad-plus - Plugin Development] RE:
        CCompletion 1.06
Content-Type: text/plain; charset="UTF-8"

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By: nobody

I'm very happy !!!
Thank you very much.


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Message: 2
Date: Mon, 18 Feb 2008 04:36:07 -0800
Subject: [Notepad-plus-plus] [notepad-plus - Open Discussion] RE: S or
        R       language definition file
Content-Type: text/plain; charset="UTF-8"

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By: nobody

try it with this (copy it into UserDefineLang.xml):
It's not perfect but should work.

Best, Simon

    <UserLang name="R-Statistics" ext="r R">
            <Global caseIgnored="no" />
            <TreatAsSymbol comment="no" commentLine="yes" />
            <Prefix words1="no" words2="no" words3="no" words4="no" />
            <Keywords name="Delimiters">&quot;&apos;0&quot;&apos;0</Keywords>
            <Keywords name="Folder+">{</Keywords>
            <Keywords name="Folder-">}</Keywords>
            <Keywords name="Operators">- ( ) , . : [ ] &lt; = &gt;</Keywords>
            <Keywords name="Comment">1 2 0#</Keywords>
            <Keywords name="Words1">if else for while repeat break next in T
F abbreviate abline abs acos acosh add.scope add1 addTaskCallback aggregate
AIC AIC.logLik airmiles airquality alias alist all all.equal all.equal.POSIXct
all.names all.vars anova anova.glm anova.glmlist anova.lm anova.lmlist anova.mlm
anovalist.lm anscombe any aov aperm append apply approx approxfun apropos Arg
args Arithmetic array arrows as.array as.character as.character.octmode
as.character.POSIXt as.complex as.double as.environment as.expression
as.factor as.formula as.function as.integer as.list as.logical as.matrix
as.matrix.noquote as.matrix.POSIXlt as.null as.numeric as.ordered 
as.POSIXct as.POSIXlt as.qr as.real as.single as.symbol as.table as.table.ftable
as.ts as.vector asin asinh assign assocplot atan atan2 atanh attach attenu 
attr attr.all.equal attributes autoload autoloader ave axis axis.POSIXct 
barplot basename BATCH Bessel bessel besselI besselJ besselK besselY Beta beta
Binomial binomial bitmap bmp body box boxplot boxplot.formula boxplot.stats
bringToTop browser build builtins bw.bcv bw.nrd bw.nrd0 bw.SJ bw.ucv
bxp by bzfile C c c.POSIXct c.POSIXlt call capabilities cars case.names casefold
cat Cauchy cbind cbind.ts ceiling char.expand character charmatch chartr check
check.options chickwts Chisquare chol chol2inv choose chull class close 
close.socket closeAllConnections cm cm.colors co.intervals co2 codes coef
coefficients coefficients.glm coefficients.lm col col2rgb colMeans colnames
colors colours colSums commandArgs comment compareVersion Comparison 
complex conflicts Conj connection connections contour contr.helmert contr.poly
contr.sum contr.treatment contrasts contrib.url contributors Control convolve
cooks.distance coplot copyright copyrights cor cos cosh count.fields cov cov.wt
covratio CRAN.packages crossprod cummax cummin cumprod cumsum curve cut 
cycle D data data.class data.entry data.frame data.matrix dataentry date
DateTimeClasses dbeta dbinom dcauchy dchisq de debug debugger delay 
deltat demo density deparse Deprecated deriv deriv3 det detach dev.control 
dev.copy2eps dev.cur dev.interactive dev.list dev.prev 
dev.set dev2bitmap deviance device Devices dexp df df.residual dfbetas dffits
dgamma dgeom dget dhyper diag diff diff.ts difftime digamma dim dimnames dir
dir.create dirname discoveries DLL.version dlnorm dlogis dnbinom dnorm
dotchart double download.file download.packages dpois dput drop drop.scope 
drop1 dsignrank dt dummy.coef dump dump.frames dunif duplicated dweibull dwilcox
dyn.load dyn.unload edit edit.default edit.matrix eff.aovlist
effects eigen emacs end environment erase.screen esoph euro eurodist eval evalq
example exists exp expand.grid expand.model.frame expm1 Exponential expression
Extract extractAIC factor factor.scope faithful family family.glm family.lm
FDist fft fifo file file.access file.append file.choose file.copy file.create
file.exists file.path file.remove file.rename files
filled.contour find findInterval fitted fitted.values.glm fitted.values.lm 
fix floor flush.console Foreign Formaldehyde formals format format.char format.default format.factor format.octmode
format.POSIXct format.POSIXlt format.pval formatC formatDL formula formula.lm
formula.terms forwardsolve fourfoldplot frame freeny frequency ftable 
function Gamma gamma gammaCody GammaDist gaussian gc gc.time gcinfo gctorture
Geometric get getAllConnections getCConverterDescriptions getCConverterStatus
getConnection geterrmessage getNativeSymbolInfo getNumCConverters getOption
getTaskCallbackNames getwd gl glm glm.control globalenv
gray grep grey grid gsub gzfile HairEyeColor hasTsp hat heat.colors help
help.start Hershey hist hist.POSIXt history hsv Hypergeometric I identical 
ifelse Im image Inf infert influence.measures inherits InsectSprays
INSTALL install.packages installed.packages integer integrate interaction
interaction.plot interactive intersect inverse.gaussian inverse.rle invisible
IQR iris iris3 is.array is.atomic is.character is.complex
is.double is.element is.empty.model is.environment is.expression is.factor 
is.function is.infinite is.integer is.language is.list is.loaded is.logical
is.matrix is.mts is.nan is.null is.numeric is.object
is.ordered is.pairlist is.qr is.R is.real is.recursive is.single is.symbol 
is.ts is.unsorted is.vector isIncomplete islands ISOdate ISOdatetime ISOLatin1
isOpen isSeekable Japanese jitter jpeg julian kappa kronecker La.eigen La.svd
labels lapply layout lbeta lchoose lcm legend length LETTERS letters levels
lgamma library library.dynam licence license LifeCycleSavings limitedLabels
lines lines.formula lines.histogram lines.ts list list.files
lm lm.influence lm.wfit load loadhistory local localeconv locales locator
log log10 log1p log2 logb Logic logical Logistic logLik logLik.glm logLik.lm
loglin Lognormal longley lower.tri lowess ls ls.diag ls.print ls.str lsf.str
lsfit Machine machine MacRoman mad mahalanobis make.names
make.packages.html make.socket makepredictcall 
manova margin.table mat.or.vec match match.arg Math 
Math.POSIXt matlines matmult matplot matpoints matrix max max.col mean 
mean.POSIXlt median mem.limits Memory memory.limit memory.profile memory.size
menu merge Methods methods min missing Mod mode model.extract model.frame
model.matrix model.matrix.glm.null model.matrix.lm model.offset model.response
model.tables model.weights months morley mosaicplot mtcars
mtext mvfft n2mfrow NA na.action na.exclude na.omit na.omit.ts na.pass
name names NaN napredict naprint naresid nargs native.enc nchar nclass.FD
nclass.scott nclass.Sturges NCOL ncol NegBinomial new.env newestVersion 
nextn nhtemp nlevels nlm noquote Normal NotYetImplemented NotYetUsed NROW nrow
NULL numeric object.size objects offset old-piechart old.packages on.exit open
Ops Ops.POSIXct Ops.POSIXlt Ops.POSIXt Ops.ts optim optimise optimize options
OrchardSprays order ordered outer p.adjust package.contents package.dependencies
package.description package.skeleton packageStatus page pairlist pairs 
palette panel.smooth par Paren parent.env parent.frame parse paste path.expand
pbeta pbinom pbirthday pcauchy pchisq pdf pentagamma persp pexp pf pgamma pgeom
phones phyper pi pico pictex pie piechart pipe PlantGrowth Platform plnorm 
plot plot.default plot.density plot.factor plot.formula 
plot.gam plot.histogram plot.lm plot.mlm plot.mts plot.POSIXct 
plot.table plot.ts plot.TukeyHSD plot.window plot.xy plotmath pmatch pmax pmin
pnbinom png pnorm points points.formula Poisson poisson poly polygon polym 
polyroot POSIXct POSIXlt postscript power ppoints ppois precip predict 
predict.lm predict.mlm predict.poly preplot presidents pressure pretty prettyNum
print print.anova print.aov print.aovlist print.AsIs print.atomic
print.coefmat print.connection print.default print.density
print.difftime print.dummy.coef print.factor print.formula 
print.glm print.hsearch print.htest print.infl print.integrate print.libraryIQR
print.listof print.lm print.logLik print.matrix print.mtable print.noquote
print.octmode print.ordered print.packageInfo print.packageIQR 
print.POSIXct print.POSIXlt print.recordedplot print.rle print.SavedPlots
print.simple.list print.socket print.summary.aov print.summary.aovlist
print.summary.glm print.summary.lm print.summary.manova print.summary.table
print.table print.tables.aov print.terms print.ts print.TukeyHSD print.xtabs
prmatrix proc.time prod profile proj prompt prop.table ps.options psignrank
pt ptukey punif pushBack pushBackLength pweibull pwilcox q qbeta qbinom 
qcauchy qchisq qexp qf qgamma qgeom qhyper qlnorm qlogis qnbinom qnorm qpois
qqline qqnorm qqplot qr qr.Q qr.qty qr.qy qr.R qr.resid qr.solve qr.X qsignrank
qt qtukey quakes quantile quarters quasi quasibinomial quasipoisson quit qunif
quote qweibull qwilcox R.home R.Version R.version rainbow Random.user randu
range rank rbeta rbind rbinom rcauchy rchisq Rconsole Rd2dvi Rd2txt Rdconv 
Rdindex Re read.00Index read.csv read.csv2 read.dcf read.delim read.delim2
read.ftable read.fwf read.socket read.table readBin readChar readline readLines
real Recall recordPlot recover rect reformulate reg.finalizer regexpr relevel
REMOVE remove remove.packages removeCConverter removeTaskCallback
rep replace replayPlot replications require reshape resid residuals 
residuals.lm restart return rev rexp rf rgamma rgb rgeom rhyper rivers rle 
rlogis rm rnbinom RNG RNGkind rnorm round round.difftime round.POSIXt row 
rowMeans rownames rowsum rowSums rpois Rprof Rprofile rsignrank rstandard 
rt rug runif rweibull rwilcox R_LIBS SafePrediction sample sapply save 
savePlot scale scan screen sd Sd2Rd se.contrast search searchpaths seek segments
select.list seq seq.POSIXt sequence set.seed setCConverterStatus setdiff 
setwd shell shell.exec SHLIB showConnections sign signif SignRank sin single
sinh sink sleep socketConnection solve sort sort.list source Special spline
splinefun split split.screen sprintf sqrt stack stack.loss stack.x stackloss
stars start Startup stat.anova state stderr stdin stdout stem step stop 
storage.mode str str.logLik str.POSIXt strftime strheight stripchart strptime
strsplit structure strwidth strwrap sub Subscript subset substitute substr 
sum Summary summary summary.aov summary.aovlist summary.connection summary.default Summary.factor summary.factor summary.glm
summary.infl summary.lm summary.manova summary.matrix summary.mlm
summary.packageStatus Summary.POSIXct summary.POSIXct Summary.POSIXlt 
summary.table sunflowerplot sunspots svd sweep swiss switch symbol.C symbol.For
symbols symnum Syntax sys.calls sys.frame sys.frames sys.function 
Sys.getlocale sys.load.image Sys.localeconv sys.nframe sys.on.exit
sys.parent sys.parents Sys.putenv Sys.setlocale Sys.sleep 
sys.status Sys.time Sys.timezone system system.file system.time t table tabulate
tan tanh tapply taskCallbackManager TDist tempfile termplot terms terms.formula
terms.object terms.terms terrain.colors tetragamma text textConnection time
Titanic title tolower ToothGrowth topo.colors toString toupper trace traceback
transform trees Trig trigamma trunc trunc.POSIXt truncate try ts tsp Tukey 
type.convert typeof UCBAdmissions unclass undebug Uniform union unique uniroot
unix unix.time unlink unlist unname unsplit unstack untrace unz update 
update.packages update.packageStatus upgrade upper.tri url USArrests
UseMethod USJudgeRatings USPersonalExpenditure uspop VADeaths var variable.names
vector version vi volcano warning warnings warpbreaks weekdays Weibull 
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Wilcoxon win.graph win.metafile win.print win.version WinAnsi winDialog
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with women write write.dcf write.ftable write.socket write.table writeBin 
writeLines X11 x11 xedit xemacs xfig xinch xor xtabs 
xyinch xyz.coords yinch zapsmall zip.file.extract zip.unpack .Autoloaded 
.BaseNamespaceEnv .C .Call .Class .Deprecated .Device .Devices .Dyn.libs 
.find.package .First .First.lib .Fortran .Generic .GlobalEnv .Group .Internal
.Last .Last.lib .Last.value .leap.seconds .lib.loc .libPaths .Library .Machine
.Method .NotYetImplemented .NotYetUsed .Options .packages .Pars .path.package
.Platform .PostScript.Options .Primitive .primTrace .primUntrace .ps.prolog
.Random.seed .Renviron .Rprofile .Script .Traceback</Keywords>
            <Keywords name="Words2"> acme aids aircondit aircondit7 amis
aml arima.sim beaver bigcity birthwt boot boot.array
boot.object boot.return bootci.object brambles breslow calcium cane capability
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neuro nitrofen nodal normalize nuclear paulsen phones plot.boot
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lvqtest multiedit olvq1 plot.SOM plot.somgrid reduce.nn SOM somgrid agnes
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ellipsoidPoints fanny fanny.object flower mona 
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pltree pltree.twins pluton predict.ellipsoid print.agnes print.clara print.diana
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kruskal.test ks.test mantelhaen.test mcnemar.test mood.test oneway.test
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fitted.tukeyline line medpolish plot.medpolish print.medpolish print.tukeyline
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lookup.xport read.dta read.epiinfo read.mtp read.S read.spss read.ssd read.xport
SModeNames write.dta .grid.gpar.names .grid.loaded .GRID.STATE .grid.unit.list
.unit absolute absolute.size absolute.units as.character.unit clear.display.list
clearpage col.spec common.draw.axis convert.gpar convertNative copy 
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draw.details.segments draw.details.text draw.details.viewport draw.details.xaxis
draw.details.yaxis draw.frame.child editDetails get.gpar get.value gpar Grid
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height.details.default height.details.frame height.details.rect 
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inc.display.list is.even is.gpar is.grob is.layout is.odd is.unit is.viewport
justifyX justifyY layout.heights layout.ncol layout.nrow layout.respect
layout.torture layout.widths make.xaxis.labels make.xaxis.major make.xaxis.ticks
make.yaxis.labels make.yaxis.major make.yaxis.ticks mod.dims new.col new.row
num.col.specs num.row.specs Ops.unit origin.bottom origin.left origin.right plotViewport pop.saved.gpars pop.saved.Rpars pop.viewport pop.vp
print.grob print.unit print.viewport push.saved.gpars push.saved.Rpars 
push.vp record row.spec set.gpar set.value.grob 
stack.viewports Summary.unit swap.origin.horizontal swap.origin.vertical unit
unit.arithmetic unit.c unit.length unit.list unit.list.from.list 
unit.list.rep unit.pmax unit.pmin unit.rep unset.gpar unstack.viewports 
updateRow valid.just valid.layout valid.origin valid.pch valid.unit
valid.units valid.viewport validGP viewport viewport.layout width width.details
width.details.default width.details.frame width.details.rect width.details.text
width.details.viewport width.frame width.lines
width.pre width.pre.details.default width.text [.unit bkde bkde2D bkfe dpih
dpik dpill geyser locpoly as.factorOrShingle as.shingle
banking barchart barley bwplot canonical.theme cloud col.whitebg contourplot
densityplot dotplot draw.colorkey draw.key environmental equal.count ethanol
histogram is.shingle larrows Lattice lattice.theme latticeParseFormula levelplot
llines lplot.xy lpoints lsegments lset ltext melanoma oneway panel.abline
panel.barchart panel.bwplot panel.densityplot panel.dotplot 
panel.grid panel.histogram panel.levelplot panel.linejoin panel.lmline 
panel.mathdensity panel.pairs panel.parallel panel.qq panel.qqmath 
panel.splom panel.stripplot panel.superpose panel.tmd panel.wireframe 
parallel plot.shingle prepanel.lmline prepanel.loess prepanel.qqmathline
print.shingle print.shingleLevel print.trellis qq qqmath rfs shingle 
singer splom strip.default stripplot summary.shingle sunspot tmd trellis.device
trellis.object trellis.par.get trellis.par.set update.trellis wireframe xyplot
[.shingle cov.mve cov.rob lmsreg lqs ltsreg predict.lqs print.lqs .rat
abbey accdeaths addterm Aids2 Animals anorexia anova.loglm anova.negbin area
as.character.fractions as.fractions austres bacteria bandwidth.nrd bcv beav1
beav2 biopsy biplot.correspondence birthwt Boston boxcox cabbages caith Cars93
cats cement chem coef.fitdistr coef.lda coef.loglm con2tr confint 
confint.profile.nls contr.sdif coop corresp cov.trob cpus crabs Cushings DDT
deaths denumerate dose.p drivers dropterm eagles epil eqscplot extractAIC.loglm
extractAIC.polr family.negbin farms fdeaths fgl fitdistr fitted.loglm forbes
fractions GAGurine galaxies gamma.dispersion gamma.shape gehan genotype geyser
gilgais ginv glm.convert glm.nb glmmPQL heart hills hist.FD hist.scott housing
huber hubers immer Insurance is.fractions isoMDS kde2d lda ldahist leuk lh 
lm.ridge lmwork loglm loglm1 logtrans mammals Math.fractions mca mcycle mdeaths
Melanoma menarche michelson minn38 model.frame.lda model.frame.polr 
motors muscle mvrnorm negative.binomial newcomb nlschools nottem npk npr1 Null
oats OME Ops.fractions painters pairs.lda parcoord petrol phones Pima.te
Pima.tr2 plot.correspondence plot.lda plot.mca plot.ridgelm polr predict.lda
predict.mca predict.polr predict.qda print.anova.loglm print.correspondence
print.fitdistr print.fractions print.gamma.shape print.glm.dose print.lda 
print.mca print.polr print.qda print.ridgelm print.rlm print.rms.curv
print.summary.loglm print.summary.negbin print.summary.polr print.summary.rlm
profile.glm psi.bisquare psi.hampel psi.huber qda quine Rabbit rational 
residuals.loglm rlm rms.curv rnegbin road rock rotifer Rubber sammon select
Shepard ships shoes shrimp shuttle Sitka Sitka89 Skye snails SP500 stdres steam
stepAIC stormer studres Summary.fractions summary.loglm summary.negbin 
summary.rlm survey synth.te t.fractions
topo Traffic truehist ucv update.loglm UScereal UScrime VA vcov vcov.polr waders
whiteside width.SJ write.matrix wtloss [.fractions (-class .BasicFunsList
.doTracePrint .InitTraceFunctions .makeTracedFunction .untracedFunction 
allGenerics ANY-class array-class as call-class callGeneric callNextMethod
character-class class Classes coerce complex-class double-class dumpMethod
dumpMethods environment-class existsFunction expression-class extends 
findMethod for-class function-class functionWithTrace-class GenericFunctions
getClass getClassDef getClasses getGenerics getMethod getMethods getValidity
hasArg if-class initialize integer-class is isClass isGeneric isGroup 
LinearMethodsList-class list-class logical-class matrix-class 
MethodDefinitionWithTrace-class Methods MethodsList-class MethodsListSelect
MethodWithNext-class MethodWithNextWithTrace-class missing-class name-class
new NULL-class numeric-class promptClass promptMethods removeClass removeGeneric
removeMethod removeMethods repeat-class representation resetClass selectMethod
setAs setClass setGeneric setGroupGeneric setIs setMethod setReplaceMethod 
setValidity show showMethods signature signature-class single-class slot 
standardGeneric structure-class traceable-class ts-class validObject 
VIRTUAL-class while-class __ClassMetaData {-class gam gam.check gam.control gam.models gam.nbut gam.parser gam.selection gam.setup 
GAMsetup mgcv mono.con neg.binom pcls persp.gam plot.gam predict.gam
print.gam print.summary.gam QT residuals.gam s SANtest summary.gam theta.maxl
uniquecombs anova.loess ksmooth loess loess.control loess.smooth plot.ppr ppr
predict.loess predict.ppr predict.smooth.spline print.loess print.ppr
print.smooth.spline print.summary.loess print.summary.ppr rock scatter.smooth
smooth.spline summary.loess summary.ppr supsmu ability.cov as.dendrogram as.dist
as.hclust as.matrix.dist biplot biplot.princomp cancor cmdscale cut.dendrogram
cutree dist factanal format.dist Harman23.cor Harman74.cor
hclust identify.hclust kmeans loadings names.dist plclust plot.dendrogram 
plot.prcomp plot.princomp plotNode plotNodeLimit prcomp predict.princomp 
print.dist print.factanal print.hclust print.loadings print.prcomp 
print.summary.prcomp print.summary.princomp promax rect.hclust screeplot
summary.prcomp summary.princomp varimax ACF ACF.gls ACF.lme AIC.gls AIC.lme
AIC.lmList AIC.nlme AIC.nls Alfalfa allCoef anova.gls anova.lme as.matrix.corStruct as.matrix.pdMat as.matrix.reStruct
asOneFormula Assay asTable augPred balancedGrouped bdf BIC BIC.logLik BIC.nlme
BIC.nls BIC.nlsList BodyWeight Cefamandole coef.corAR1 coef.corARMA 
coef.corCAR1 coef.corCompSymm coef.corHF coef.corIdent coef.corLin 
coef.corSpatial coef.corSpher coef.corStruct coef.corSymm coef.gls coef.gnls
coef.lme coef.lmList coef.modelStruct coef.pdBlocked coef.pdCompSymm coef.pdDiag
coef.pdIdent coef.pdMat coef.pdNatural coef.pdSymm coef.reStruct 
coef.varComb coef.varConstPower coef.varExp coef.varFixed coef.varFunc 
coef.varPower collapse collapse.groupedData compareFits comparePred contr.SAS
corAR1 corARMA corCAR1 corClasses corCompSymm corExp corFactor 
corFactor.corAR1 corFactor.corARMA corFactor.corCAR1 corFactor.corNatural
corFactor.corSpatial corFactor.corStruct corFactor.corSymm corGaus corIdent
corLin corMatrix corMatrix.compSymm corMatrix.corAR1 corMatrix.corARMA
corMatrix.corCAR1 corMatrix.corCompSymm corMatrix.corIdent corMatrix.corNatural
corMatrix.corSpatial corMatrix.corStruct corMatrix.corSymm corMatrix.pdBlocked
corMatrix.pdCompSymm corMatrix.pdDiag corMatrix.pdIdent corMatrix.pdMat
corMatrix.pdSymm corMatrix.reStruct corNatural corRatio corSpatial corSpher
corSymm Dialyzer Dim Dim.corSpatial Dim.corStruct Dim.default Dim.pdCompSymm
Dim.pdDiag Dim.pdIdent Dim.pdMat Dim.pdNatural Dim.pdSymm Earthquake ergoStool
Fatigue fdHess fitted.gls fitted.glsStruct fitted.gnls fitted.gnlsStruct 
fitted.lmeStruct fitted.lmList fitted.nlmeStruct fixed.effects fixed.effects.lme
fixed.effects.lmList fixef fixef.lme fixef.lmList formula.corStruct formula.gls
formula.gnls formula.groupedData formula.lme formula.lmList formula.modelStruct
formula.nlme formula.nlsList formula.pdBlocked formula.pdMat formula.reStruct
formula.varComb formula.varFunc gapply Gasoline getCovariate 
getCovariate.corStruct getCovariate.varFunc
getCovariateFormula getData getData.gls getData.gnls getData.lme getData.lmList
getData.nlme getData.nls getGroups getGroups.corStruct
getGroups.gls getGroups.lme getGroups.lmList getGroups.varFunc getGroupsFormula
getResponse getResponse.gls getResponse.lme 
getResponseFormula getVarCov gls glsControl glsObject glsStruct Glucose Glucose2
gnls gnlsControl gnlsObject gnlsStruct groupedData gsummary Gun IGF initialize
initialize.corAR1 initialize.corARMA initialize.corCAR1 initialize.corCompSymm
initialize.corHF initialize.corIdent initialize.corLin initialize.corNatural
initialize.corSpatial initialize.corSpher initialize.corStruct 
initialize.glsStruct initialize.gnlsStruct initialize.lmeStruct 
initialize.varComb initialize.varConstPower initialize.varExp 
initialize.varFunc initialize.varIdent initialize.varPower intervals 
intervals.lme intervals.lmList isBalanced isInitialized isInitialized.reStruct
LDEsysMat lme lme.groupedData lme.lmList lmeControl lmeObject lmeScale lmeStruct
lmList lmList.groupedData logDet logDet.corIdent logDet.corStruct 
logDet.pdCompSymm logDet.pdDiag logDet.pdIdent logDet.pdMat logDet.pdNatural
logDet.pdSymm logDet.reStruct logLik.corStruct logLik.gls logLik.glsStruct
logLik.gnls logLik.gnlsStruct logLik.lme logLik.lmeStruct logLik.lmeStructInt
logLik.lmList logLik.reStruct logLik.varComb logLik.varFunc Machines MathAchieve
MathAchSchool Meat MEdecomp MEdims MEEM MEestimate Milk model.matrix.reStruct
Muscle Names Names.formula Names.listForm Names.pdBlocked Names.pdMat 
needUpdate needUpdate.corStruct needUpdate.default needUpdate.modelStruct
needUpdate.reStruct needUpdate.varComb needUpdate.varIdent nfGroupedData 
nlme nlme.nlsList nlmeControl nlmeObject nlmeStruct nlsList nlsList.selfStart
nmGroupedData Oats Orthodont Ovary Oxboys Oxide pairs.compareFits pairs.lme
pairs.lmList PBG pdBlocked pdClasses pdCompSymm pdConstruct 
pdConstruct.pdCompSymm pdConstruct.pdDiag pdConstruct.pdIdent 
pdConstruct.pdMat pdConstruct.pdNatural pdConstruct.pdSymm pdDiag pdFactor
pdFactor.reStruct pdIdent pdLogChol pdMat pdMatrix pdMatrix.reStruct pdNatural
pdSymm Phenobarb phenoModel Pixel plot.ACF plot.augPred plot.compareFits 
plot.intervals.lmList plot.lme plot.lmList plot.nffGroupedData 
plot.nls plot.nmGroupedData plot.pdMat plot.ranef.lme plot.ranef.lmList
plot.simulate.lme plot.Variogram pooledSD predict.gls predict.gnls predict.lme
predict.lmList predict.nlme print.anova.lme print.compareFits print.corNatural
print.corStruct print.corSymm print.gls print.groupedData print.intervals.gls
print.intervals.lme print.intervals.lmList print.lme print.lmList 
print.pdMat print.ranef print.ranef.lme print.reStruct print.simulate.lme
print.summary.corNatural print.summary.corStruct print.summary.corSymm
print.summary.gls print.summary.lme print.summary.lmList 
print.summary.pdMat print.summary.varComb print.summary.varFixed
print.summary.varFunc print.varComb print.VarCorr.lme print.VarCov print.varFunc
pruneLevels qqnorm.gls qqnorm.lm qqnorm.lme qqnorm.lmList qqnorm.nls Quinidine
quinModel Rail random.effects random.effects.lme random.effects.lmList ranef
ranef.lme ranef.lmList RatPupWeight recalc recalc.corAR1 recalc.corARMA
recalc.corCAR1 recalc.corCompSymm recalc.corHF recalc.corIdent recalc.corNatural
recalc.corSpatial recalc.corStruct recalc.corSymm recalc.modelStruct 
recalc.varFunc recalc.varIdent Relaxin Remifentanil residuals.gls 
residuals.gnls residuals.gnlsStruct residuals.lme residuals.lmeStruct
residuals.lmList residuals.nlmeStruct reStruct simulate.lme solve.pdBlocked
solve.pdDiag solve.pdIdent solve.pdLogChol solve.pdMat solve.pdNatural 
solve.reStruct Soybean splitFormula Spruce summary.corAR1 summary.corARMA
summary.corCAR1 summary.corCompSymm summary.corExp summary.corGaus summary.corHF
summary.corIdent summary.corLin summary.corNatural summary.corRatio 
summary.corStruct summary.corSymm summary.gls summary.lme summary.lmList
summary.modelStruct summary.nlsList summary.pdBlocked summary.pdCompSymm
summary.pdDiag summary.pdIdent summary.pdLogChol summary.pdMat summary.pdNatural
summary.pdSymm summary.reStruct summary.varComb summary.varConstPower
summary.VarCorr.lme summary.varExp summary.varFixed summary.varFunc 
summary.varPower Tetracycline1 Tetracycline2 update.corStruct update.gls 
update.groupedData update.lme update.lmList update.modelStruct update.nlme
update.nlsList update.reStruct update.varComb update.varConstPower update.varExp
update.varExpon update.varFunc update.varPower varClasses varComb varConstPower
VarCorr varExp varFixed varFunc varIdent Variogram Variogram.corExp 
Variogram.corLin Variogram.corRatio Variogram.corSpatial Variogram.corSpher
Variogram.default Variogram.gls Variogram.lme varPower varWeights
varWeights.glsStruct varWeights.lmeStruct varWeights.varComb varWeights.varFunc
Wafer Wheat Wheat2 [.groupedData [.pdBlocked [.pdMat [.reStruct AIC.nls 
anovalist.nls asOneSidedFormula BOD ChickWeight clearNames CO2 coef.nls 
df.residual.nls DNase fitted.nls formula.nls getInitial Indometh Loblolly 
nls nls.control nlsModel NLSstAsymptotic NLSstClosestX NLSstLfAsymptote
NLSstRtAsymptote numericDeriv Orange plot.profile.nls predict.nls print.nls
print.summary.nls profile.nls profiler profiler.nls Puromycin residuals.nls
selfStart selfStart.default selfStart.formula setNames sortedXyData SSasymp
SSasympOff SSasympOrig SSbiexp SSfol SSfpl SSgompertz SSlogis SSmicmen SSweibull
summary.nls Theoph weights.nls add1.multinom anova.multinom class.ind
coef.multinom coef.nnet drop1.multinom eval.nn extractAIC.multinom
model.frame.multinom multinom nnet nnet.Hess predict.multinom 
print.multinom print.nnet print.summary.multinom print.summary.nnet 
summary.multinom summary.nnet vcov.multinom car.test.frame 
formatg kyphosis labels.rpart meanvar model.frame.rpart na.rpart path.rpart
plot.rpart plotcp post pred.rpart predict.rpart print.rpart printcp prune
residuals.rpart rpart rpart.anova rpart.branch rpart.class rpart.control 
rpart.matrix rpart.object rpart.poisson rpartcallback rpartco rpconvert 
snip.rpart snip.rpart.mouse solder summary.rpart text.rpart xpred.rpart 
anovalist.trls correlogram deviance.trls df.residual.trls expcov extractAIC.trls
fitted.trls gaucov Kaver Kenvl Kfn plot.trls ppgetregion ppinit pplik ppregion
predict.trls prmat Psim residuals.trls semat sphercov SSI Strauss summary.trls
surf.gls topo trls.influence trmat variogram
as.polySpline asVector backSpline bs interpSpline
makepredictcall.ns ns periodicSpline plot.spline plot.xyVector polySpline
predict.bSpline predict.nbSpline predict.npolySpline predict.ns predict.pbSpline
predict.polySpline predict.ppolySpline print.bSpline print.polySpline
print.ppolySpline spline.des splineDesign splineKnots splineOrder xyVector ecdf
is.stepfun knots plot.ecdf plot.stepfun print.ecdf print.stepfun stepfun 
summary.stepfun aml anova.coxph anova.coxphlist anova.survreg anova.survreglist as.character.Surv attrassign basehaz bladder bladder2 cancer censorReg clogit 
colon cox.zph coxph coxph.control coxph.detail coxph.getdata coxph.object
coxph.penalty date.ddmmmyy date.mdy date.mmddyy date.mmddyyyy format.Surv 
heart is.ratetable is.Surv jasa
jasa1 kidney labels.survreg leukemia lines.survfit lung Math.ratetable
Math.Surv model.frame.coxph model.frame.survreg Ops.ratetable
Ops.Surv ovarian pbc plot.cox.zph plot.survfit points.survfit 
predict.survreg print.cox.zph print.coxph print.coxph.null print.coxph.penal print.ratetable print.summary.survfit print.summary.survreg 
print.survdiff print.survexp print.survfit print.survreg print.survreg.penal
pspline pyears ratetable ratetables rats residuals.coxph residuals.survreg ridge
stanford2 strata summary.coxph summary.coxph.penal
summary.ratetable Summary.Surv summary.survfit summary.survreg Surv survdiff
survexp survexp.azr survexp.cfit survexp.fl survexp.flr survexp.mnwhite survexp.usr survexp.uswhite survexp.wnc
survfit survfit.coxph.null survfit.object survobrien survReg survreg
survreg.control survreg.distributions survreg.object survreg.old tcut
untangle.specials veteran [.cox.zph [.coxph.penalty [.date [.ratetable 
[.Surv [.survfit [.tcut [[.date $.tclvar .Tcl .Tk.ID .Tk.newwin .Tk.subwin 
.TkWin addTclPath as.character.tclObj as.character.tclVar as.double.tclObj
as.integer.tclObj as.tclObj is.tclObj is.tkwin TclInterface tclObj tclRequire
tclvalue tclVar tclvar tkactivate tkadd tkaddtag tkbbox tkbell tkbind tkbindtags
tkbutton tkcanvas tkcanvasx tkcanvasy tkcget tkcheckbutton tkclipboard.append
tkclipboard.clear tkclose tkcmd TkCommands tkcompare tkconfigure tkcoords 
tkcurselection tkdchars tkdebug tkdelete tkdelta tkdeselect tkdestroy 
tkdtag tkdump tkentry tkentrycget tkentryconfigure tkevent.add tkevent.delete
tkevent.generate tkfile.dir tkfile.tail tkfind tkflash tkfocus
tkfont.actual tkfont.configure tkfont.create tkfont.delete tkfont.families
tkfont.measure tkfont.metrics tkfont.names tkfraction tkframe tkget 
tkgetSaveFile tkgettags tkgrab tkgrid tkicursor tkidentify tkimage.cget
tkimage.configure tkimage.create tkimage.names tkindex tkinsert tkinvoke 
tkitemcget tkitemconfigure tkitemfocus tkitemlower tkitemraise tkitemscale 
tklistbox tklower tkmark.gravity tkmark.names tkmark.previous 
tkmark.unset tkmenu tkmenubutton tkmessage tkmessageBox tkmove tknearest tkopen
tkpack tkpager tkplace tkpost tkpostcascade tkpostscript tkputs tkradiobutton
tkraise tkscale tkscan.dragto tkscan.mark tkscrollbar tksearch tksee tkselect
tkselection.adjust tkselection.anchor tkselection.clear tkselection.from
tkselection.includes tkselection.present tkselection.range tkselection.set tkset tksize tktag.add tktag.bind tktag.cget tktag.configure
tktag.delete tktag.lower tktag.names tktag.nextrange tktag.prevrange tktag.raise
tktag.ranges tktag.remove tktext tktitle tktoggle tktoplevel tktype tkunpost
tkwait.variable tkwait.visibility tkwait.window tkwidget TkWidgetcmds TkWidgets
tkwindow.cget tkwindow.configure tkwindow.create tkwindow.names tkwinfo 
tkwm.client tkwm.colormapwindows tkwm.command tkwm.deiconify tkwm.focusmodel
tkwm.frame tkwm.geometry tkwm.grid tkwm.iconbitmap tkwm.iconify
tkwm.iconmask tkwm.iconname tkwm.iconposition tkwm.iconwindow tkwm.maxsize
tkwm.minsize tkwm.overrideredirect tkwm.positionfrom tkwm.protocol 
tkwm.sizefrom tkwm.state tkwm.title tkwm.transient tkwm.withdraw 
tkXselection.get tkXselection.handle tkXselection.own tkxview tkyposition 
checkAssignFuns checkDocArgs checkDocStyle checkFF checkMethods checkTnF
checkVignettes codoc print.checkAssignFuns print.checkDocArgs 
print.checkFF print.checkMethods print.checkTnF print.checkVignettes print.codoc
print.undoc QA Rtangle RtangleSetup RweaveLatex RweaveLatexSetup Stangle Sweave
SweaveSyntaxLatex SweaveSyntaxNoweb undoc acf acf2AR AirPassengers ar ar.burg
ar.mle ar.ols ar.yw arima arima.sim arima0 arima0.diag ARMAacf ARMAtoMA austres
bandwidth.kernel beaver1 beaver2 beavers BJsales Box.test ccf cpgram decompose
df.kernel diffinv embed EuStockMarkets fdeaths filter HoltWinters is.tskernel
JohnsonJohnson KalmanForecast KalmanLike KalmanRun KalmanSmooth kernapply kernel
lag lag.plot LakeHuron ldeaths lh lynx makeARIMA mdeaths monthplot na.contiguous
Nile nottem pacf plot.acf plot.decomposed.ts plot.HoltWinters plot.spec plot.stl
plot.tskernel PP.test predict.Arima predict.arima0 
predict.StructTS print.Arima print.arima0 print.HoltWinters print.stl
print.StructTS print.tskernel residuals.HoltWinters Seatbelts spec 
spec.taper spectrum stl StructTS summary.stl sunspot toeplitz treering 
ts.plot ts.union tsdiag tsSmooth UKDriverDeaths UKgas UKLungDeaths USAccDeaths
WWWusage [.tskernel base boot class cluster ctest eda foreign grid KernSmooth
lattice lqs MASS methods mgcv modreg mva nlme nls nnet rpart spatial splines
stepfun survival tcltk tools ts</Keywords>
            <Keywords name="Words3"></Keywords>
            <Keywords name="Words4">TRUE FALSE NA NaN NULL</Keywords>
            <WordsStyle name="DEFAULT" styleID="11" fgColor="000000" 
fontName="" fontStyle="0" />
            <WordsStyle name="FOLDEROPEN" styleID="12" fgColor="008000"
bgColor="FFFFFF" fontName="" fontStyle="1" />
            <WordsStyle name="FOLDERCLOSE" styleID="13" fgColor="800000"
bgColor="FFFFFF" fontName="" fontStyle="1" />
            <WordsStyle name="KEYWORD1" styleID="5" fgColor="0000FF" 
fontName="" fontStyle="1" />
            <WordsStyle name="KEYWORD2" styleID="6" fgColor="800000" 
fontName="" fontStyle="1" />
            <WordsStyle name="KEYWORD3" styleID="7" fgColor="0000FF" 
fontName="" fontStyle="0" />
            <WordsStyle name="KEYWORD4" styleID="8" fgColor="FF0000" 
fontName="" fontStyle="0" />
            <WordsStyle name="COMMENT" styleID="1" fgColor="800000" 
fontName="" fontStyle="0" />
            <WordsStyle name="COMMENT LINE" styleID="2" fgColor="008000"
bgColor="FFFFFF" fontName="" fontStyle="0" />
            <WordsStyle name="NUMBER" styleID="4" fgColor="FF8040" 
fontName="" fontStyle="0" />
            <WordsStyle name="OPERATOR" styleID="10" fgColor="804000"
bgColor="FFFFFF" fontName="" fontStyle="0" />
            <WordsStyle name="DELIMINER1" styleID="14" fgColor="800000"
bgColor="FFFFFF" fontName="" fontStyle="0" />
            <WordsStyle name="DELIMINER2" styleID="15" fgColor="800000"
bgColor="FFFFFF" fontName="" fontStyle="1" />
            <WordsStyle name="DELIMINER3" styleID="16" fgColor="000000"
bgColor="FFFFFF" fontName="" fontStyle="0" />

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