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   1. [notepad-plus - Open Discussion] How to remove    highlighting
      of closed tags? (
   2. [notepad-plus - Help] Keyboard shortcuts list (


Message: 1
Date: Mon, 14 Jul 2008 10:03:29 +0000
Subject: [Notepad-plus-plus] [notepad-plus - Open Discussion] How to
        remove  highlighting of closed tags?
Content-Type: text/plain; charset="UTF-8"

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By: nobody

Or change the color of highlighting. See screenshot . Thanks.

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Message: 2
Date: Mon, 14 Jul 2008 10:37:02 +0000
Subject: [Notepad-plus-plus] [notepad-plus - Help] Keyboard shortcuts
Content-Type: text/plain; charset="UTF-8"

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By: jackhab

The Shortcut Mapper window seems somewhat inconvenient to me. The shortcuts
cannot be sorted and there is no search function. It takes too much time to
look for a specific shortcut. So I decided to make a single list of all 
Maybe you'll find it useful.

NAME                                                           SHORTCUT
1                                                              Alt+1
1                                                              Alt+Shift+1
2                                                              Alt+2
2                                                              Alt+Shift+2
3                                                              Alt+3
3                                                              Alt+Shift+3
4                                                              Alt+4
4                                                              Alt+Shift+4
5                                                              Alt+5
5                                                              Alt+Shift+5
6                                                              Alt+6
6                                                              Alt+Shift+6
7                                                              Alt+7
7                                                              Alt+Shift+7
8                                                              Alt+8
8                                                              Alt+Shift+8
!:TEXTFX NULL FUNCTION                                         ---
=+Symbols: eng/user_1                                          F9
=+Symbols: eng/user_2                                          Alt+F9
About                                                          ---
About Notepad++                                                F1
Activate main view                                             F7
Activate sub view                                              F8
Align Matches                                                  ---
Always on top                                                  ---
Base64 Decode                                                  ---
Base64 Decode                                                  ---
Base64 Encode                                                  ---
Base64 Encode                                                  ---
Base64 Encode with Unix EOL                                    ---
Base64 Encode with Unix EOL                                    ---
Block comment                                                  Ctrl+K
Block toggle comment                                           Ctrl+Q
Block uncomment                                                Ctrl+Shift+K
C:Convert ASCII to EBCDIC                                      ---
C:Convert Binary Number to Decimal                             ---
C:Convert CP1251 to KOI8_R                                     ---
C:Convert C-style Number to Decimal                            ---
C:Convert Decimal Number to Binary                             ---
C:Convert Decimal Number to Hex                                ---
C:Convert Decimal Number to Octal                              ---
C:Convert EBCDIC to ASCII                                      ---
C:Convert hex byte runs into LE-DWORDS                         ---
C:Convert hex byte runs into LE-WORDS                          ---
C:Convert Hex Number to Decimal                                ---
C:Convert Hex to text                                          ---
C:Convert KOI8_R to CP1251                                     ---
C:Convert LE-words to hex byte runs                            ---
C:Convert Octal Number to Decimal                              ---
C:Convert text to code command("text=\"value\"");              ---
C:Convert text to Hex-128                                      ---
C:Convert text to Hex-16                                       ---
C:Convert text to Hex-32                                       ---
C:Convert text to Hex-64                                       ---
C:Encode HTML (&<>")                                           ---
C:Encode URI Component                                         ---
C:ROT13 Text                                                   ---
C:Strip HTML tags table nontabs                                ---
C:Strip HTML tags table tabs                                   ---
C:Submit to W3C CSS Validator                                  ---
C:Submit to W3C HTML Validator                                 ---
Change Console Font...                                         ---
Clear all Bookmarks                                            ---
Clear Read Only Flag                                           ---
Clear Results                                                  Ctrl+Alt+D
Clone to another view                                          ---
Close                                                          Ctrl+W
Close All                                                      ---
Close All but Active Document                                  ---
Collapse the current level                                     Ctrl+Alt+F
Column Editor...                                               Alt+C
Compare                                                        Alt+D
Compare against SVN base                                       ---
Compare to last save                                           ---
Console Commands History                                       ---
Console Output Filters...                                      Shift+F6
Convert quotes to '                                            ---
Convert quotes to "                                            ---
Convert to ANSI                                                ---
Convert to cp1251                                              ---
Convert to cp866                                               ---
Convert to DOS (OEM)                                           ---
Convert to iso8859-5                                           ---
Convert to koi8-r                                              ---
Convert to mac                                                 ---
Convert to Mac Format                                          ---
Convert to UCS-2 Big Endian                                    ---
Convert to UCS-2 Little Endian                                 ---
Convert to UNIX Format                                         ---
Convert to UTF-8                                               ---
Convert to UTF-8 without BOM                                   ---
Convert to WIN                                                 ---
Convert to Windows Format                                      ---
Copy all formats to clipboard                                  ---
Copy bookmarked lines                                          ---
Copy Current dir path to Clipboard                             ---
Copy Current file name to Clipboard                            ---
Copy Current full file path to Clipboard                       ---
Copy HTML to clipboard                                         ---
Copy RTF to clipboard                                          ---
Cut bookmarked lines                                           ---
Cyrillic...                                                    ---
D:About Tidy                                                   ---
D:Download libTidy.DLL from SourceForge                        ---
D:Refresh Menu from TidyCFG.INI                                ---
D:Reload libTidy.DLL                                           ---
D:Tidy (most recent HTMLTIDY.CFG)                              ---
D:Visit HTML Tidy SourceForge website                          ---
Delete bookmarked lines                                        ---
Delete from Disk                                               ---
Detect Moves                                                   ---
Direct Execute Previous                                        Ctrl+F6
Drop quotes " & '                                              ---
E:Delete Blank Lines                                           ---
E:Delete Surplus Blank Lines                                   ---
E:Fill Down Insert                                             ---
E:Fill Down Overwrite                                          ---
E:Indent & surround { text lines }                             ---
E:Indent text sticky left margin                               Tab
E:Insert (Clipboard) through lines                             ---
E:Kill unquoted (C) whitespace                                 ---
E:Kill unquoted (VB) whitespace                                ---
E:Leading space to tabs or tabs to spaces                      ---
E:Leading space to tabs or tabs to spaces width=8              ---
E:Line up multiple lines by (,)                                ---
E:Line up multiple lines by (=)                                ---
E:Line up multiple lines by (Clipboard Character)              ---
E:Pad rectangular selection with spaces                        ---
E:Reindent C++ code                                            ---
E:ReWrap Text to (Clipboard or 72) width                       ---
E:Split lines at (clipboard character) or , (C)                ---
E:Split lines at (clipboard character) or , (VB)               ---
E:Strip unquoted text (C) separate by (Clipboard<=20)          ---
E:Strip unquoted text (VB) separate by (Clipboard<=20)         ---
E:Trim Trailing Spaces                                         ---
E:Unwrap Text                                                  ---
Encode in ANSI                                                 ---
Encode in UCS-2 Big Endian                                     ---
Encode in UCS-2 Little Endian                                  ---
Encode in UTF-8                                                ---
Encode in UTF-8 without BOM                                    ---
Escape ' to ""                                                 ---
Escape ' to \'                                                 ---
Escape ' to \"                                                 ---
Escape " to ""                                                 ---
Escape " to \"                                                 ---
Escape both "&' to \"&\'                                       ---
Execute...                                                     F6
Exit                                                           Alt+F4
Export to HTML                                                 ---
Export to RTF                                                  ---
External                                                       ---
Find                                                           ---
Find (volatile) Next                                           Ctrl+F3
Find (volatile) Previous                                       Ctrl+Shift+F3
Find in files...                                               Ctrl+Shift+F
Find Next                                                      F3
Find Next                                                      ---
Find Previous                                                  Shift+F3
Find...                                                        Ctrl+F
Fold all                                                       Alt+---
Forum                                                          ---
Function completion                                            Ctrl+Spacebar
Function parameters hint                                    
Generic...                                                     ---
Get more plugins                                               ---
Get php help                                                   Alt+F1
Go to another view                                             ---
Go to matching brace                                           Ctrl+B
Go to...                                                       Ctrl+G
Google Search                                                  Alt+F2
Goto Last Function                                             Ctrl+Alt+Z
Goto Next Function                                             Ctrl+Alt+Y
Help ...                                                       ---
Help...                                                        ---
Help...                                                        ---
Help/About...                                                  ---
Hide lines                                                     Alt+H
How to use...                                                  Ctrl+Alt+Shift+S
I:Current Directory                                            ---
I:Current File Name                                            ---
I:Current Full Path                                            ---
I:Date & Time - long format                                    ---
I:Date & Time - short format                                   Ctrl+F5
Ignore Spacing                                                 ---
Incremental Search...                                          Ctrl+Alt+I
iNVERT cASE                                                    ---
Join lines                                                     Ctrl+J
Language Parsing Rules...                                      ---
launch in Firefox                                              Ctrl+Alt+Shift+X
launch in IE                                                   Ctrl+Alt+Shift+I
Light Explorer                                                 Alt+A
List...                                                        Ctrl+Alt+Shift+L
Load Session...                                                ---
lower case                                                     ---
Mark all                                                       Ctrl+M
Move Down current line                                         Ctrl+Shift+Down
Move Up current line                                           Ctrl+Shift+Up
Name                                                           Shortcut
Name                                                           Shortcut
Name                                                           Shortcut
New                                                            Ctrl+N
Next Bookmark                                                  F2
No internal messages                                           ---
Notepad++ Home                                                 ---
Notepad++ Project Page                                         ---
OEM Console Output                                             ---
Online help                                                    ---
open file                                                      Alt+F5
open in another instance                                       Alt+F6
Open...                                                        Ctrl+O
Options...                                                     ---
Paste to (Replace) bookmarked lines                            ---
Playback                                                       Ctrl+Shift+P
Preferences...                                                 ---
Previous Bookmark                                              Shift+F2
Print Now!                                                     ---
Print...                                                       Ctrl+P
Proper Case                                                    ---
Q:+Mark Word or Find Case Sensitive                            ---
Q:+Mark Word or Find Whole Words                               ---
Q:Delete Marked {([<Brace>])} Pair                             Ctrl+Alt+B
Q:Duplicate Line or Block                                      ---
Q:Find matching {([<Brace>])}                                  Ctrl+B
Q:Find/Replace                                                 Ctrl+R
Q:Mark lines to matching {([<Brace>])}                         ---
Q:Mark to matching {([<Brace>])}                               Ctrl+Shift+B
Q:Mark Word or Find Forward                                    Ctrl+Alt+Right
Q:Mark Word or Find Reverse                                    Ctrl+Alt+Left
Quoted-printable Decode                                        ---
Quoted-printable Encode                                        ---
Reload from Disk                                               ---
Rename...                                                      ---
Replace...                                                     Ctrl+H
Restore default zoom setting                                   ---
Run a macro multiple times...                                  ---
Run...                                                         F5
S:+Autoclose {([Brace                                          ---
S:+Autoclose XHTML/XML <Tag>                                   ---
S:+Autoconvert typed HTML/XML to &entities;                    ---
S:+Autoconvert typed leading spaces to tabs                    ---
S:+Cancel Overwrite Mode moving from current line              ---
S:+Ctrl-D also dups marked text                                ---
S:+Disable Subclassing & advanced features                     ---
S:+Move quick menus out of 'Plugins' menu                      ---
S:About TextFX                                                 ---
S:Help                                                         ---
S:Visit Notepad++ & TextFX website                             ---
Save                                                           Ctrl+S
Save a Copy As...                                              ---
Save All                                                       Ctrl+Shift+S
Save all files on execute                                      ---
Save As...                                                     Ctrl+Alt+S
Save current recorded macro                                    ---
Save Session...                                                ---
SCI_BACKTAB                                                    Shift+Tab
SCI_CANCEL                                                     Esc
SCI_CHARLEFT                                                   Left
SCI_CHARLEFTEXTEND                                             Shift+Left
SCI_CHARLEFTRECTEXTEND                                         Alt+Shift+Left
SCI_CHARRIGHT                                                  Right
SCI_CHARRIGHTEXTEND                                            Shift+Right
SCI_CHARRIGHTRECTEXTEND                                        Alt+Shift+Right
SCI_CLEAR                                                      DEL
SCI_CLEARALL                                                   ---
SCI_COPY                                                       Ctrl+C
SCI_CUT                                                        Ctrl+X
SCI_DELETEBACK                                                 Backspace
SCI_DELETEBACKNOTLINE                                          ---
SCI_DELLINERIGHT                                               Ctrl+Shift+DEL
SCI_DELWORDLEFT                                                Ctrl+Backspace
SCI_DELWORDRIGHT                                               Ctrl+DEL
SCI_DOCUMENTEND                                                Ctrl+End
SCI_DOCUMENTENDEXTEND                                          Ctrl+Shift+End
SCI_DOCUMENTSTART                                              Ctrl+Home
SCI_DOCUMENTSTARTEXTEND                                        Ctrl+Shift+Home
SCI_EDITTOGGLEOVERTYPE                                         INS
SCI_FORMFEED                                                   ---
SCI_HOME                                                       ---
SCI_HOMEDISPLAY                                                Alt+Home
SCI_HOMEDISPLAYEXTEND                                          ---
SCI_HOMEEXTEND                                                 ---
SCI_HOMERECTEXTEND                                             ---
SCI_HOMEWRAP                                                   ---
SCI_HOMEWRAPEXTEND                                             ---
SCI_LINECOPY                                                   Ctrl+Shift+T
SCI_LINECUT                                                    Ctrl+L
SCI_LINEDELETE                                                 Ctrl+Shift+L
SCI_LINEDOWN                                                   Down
SCI_LINEDOWNEXTEND                                             Shift+Down
SCI_LINEDOWNRECTEXTEND                                         Alt+Shift+Down
SCI_LINEDUPLICATE                                              ---
SCI_LINEEND                                                    ---
SCI_LINEENDDISPLAY                                             Alt+End
SCI_LINEENDDISPLAYEXTEND                                       ---
SCI_LINEENDEXTEND                                              Shift+End
SCI_LINEENDRECTEXTEND                                          Alt+Shift+End
SCI_LINEENDWRAP                                                End
SCI_LINEENDWRAPEXTEND                                          ---
SCI_LINESCROLLDOWN                                             Ctrl+Down
SCI_LINESCROLLUP                                               Ctrl+Up
SCI_LINESJOIN                                                  ---
SCI_LINETRANSPOSE                                              Ctrl+T
SCI_LINEUP                                                     Up
SCI_LINEUPEXTEND                                               Shift+Up
SCI_LINEUPRECTEXTEND                                           Alt+Shift+Up
SCI_MOVECARETINSIDEVIEW                                        ---
SCI_NEWLINE                                                    Enter
SCI_PAGEDOWN                                                   Page down
SCI_PAGEDOWNEXTEND                                             Shift+Page down
SCI_PAGEDOWNRECTEXTEND                                         Alt+Shift+Page
SCI_PAGEUP                                                     Page up
SCI_PAGEUPEXTEND                                               Shift+Page up
SCI_PAGEUPRECTEXTEND                                           Alt+Shift+Page
SCI_PARADOWN                                                   Ctrl+]
SCI_PARADOWNEXTEND                                             Ctrl+Shift+]
SCI_PARAUP                                                     Ctrl+[
SCI_PARAUPEXTEND                                               Ctrl+Shift+[
SCI_PASTE                                                      Ctrl+V
SCI_REDO                                                       Ctrl+Y
SCI_SCROLLCARET                                                ---
SCI_SELECTALL                                                  Ctrl+A
SCI_SELECTIONDUPLICATE                                         Ctrl+D
SCI_SETZOOM                                                    Ctrl+Num /
SCI_STUTTEREDPAGEDOWN                                          ---
SCI_STUTTEREDPAGEDOWNEXTEND                                    ---
SCI_STUTTEREDPAGEUP                                            ---
SCI_STUTTEREDPAGEUPEXTEND                                      ---
SCI_TAB                                                        Tab
SCI_UNDO                                                       Ctrl+Z
SCI_VCHOME                                                     ---
SCI_VCHOMEEXTEND                                               Shift+Home
SCI_VCHOMERECTEXTEND                                           Alt+Shift+Home
SCI_VCHOMEWRAP                                                 Home
SCI_VCHOMEWRAPEXTEND                                           ---
SCI_WORDLEFT                                                   Ctrl+Left
SCI_WORDLEFTEND                                                ---
SCI_WORDLEFTENDEXTEND                                          ---
SCI_WORDLEFTEXTEND                                             Ctrl+Shift+Left
SCI_WORDPARTLEFT                                               Ctrl+/
SCI_WORDPARTLEFTEXTEND                                         Ctrl+Shift+/
SCI_WORDPARTRIGHT                                              Ctrl+\
SCI_WORDPARTRIGHTEXTEND                                        Ctrl+Shift+\
SCI_WORDRIGHT                                                  Ctrl+Right
SCI_WORDRIGHTEND                                               ---
SCI_WORDRIGHTENDEXTEND                                         Ctrl+Shift+Right
SCI_WORDRIGHTEXTEND                                            ---
SCI_ZOOMIN                                                     Ctrl+Num +
SCI_ZOOMOUT                                                    Ctrl+Num -
Sentence case.                                                 ---
Set Read Only                                                  ---
Shortcut Mapper...                                             ---
Show all characters                                            ---
Show All Functions                                             ---
Show Console Dialog                                            ---
Show End Of Line                                               ---
Show FTP Folders                                               ---
Show Indent guide                                              ---
Show White Space and TAB                                       ---
Show wrap symbol                                               ---
Sort Alphabetically                                            ---
Spell-Checker...                                               Ctrl+Alt+Shift+S
Split lines                                                    Ctrl+I
Start/Stop monitor                                             ---
Start/Stop update                                              ---
Stream comment                                                 Ctrl+Shift+Q
Styler Configurator...                                         ---
Swap quotes (" <-> ')                                          ---
Switch to next document                                        Ctrl+Tab
Switch to previous document                                    Ctrl+Shift+Tab
Synchronize Horizontal Scrolling                               ---
Synchronize Vertical Scrolling                                 ---
T:+Sort ascending                                              ---
T:+Sort outputs only UNIQUE (at column) lines                  ---
T:Add up numbers                                               ---
T:Base64 Decode                                                ---
T:Clean eMail >Quoting                                         ---
T:Delete Line Numbers or First Word                            ---
T:Empty Undo Buffer (be sure to save)                          ---
T:Insert Ascii Chart or Character                              ---
T:Insert Line Numbers                                          ---
T:Insert Ruler                                                 ---
T:Sort lines case insensitive (at column)                      ---
T:Sort lines case sensitive (at column)                        ---
T:UUdecode                                                     ---
T:Word Count                                                   ---
Text Direction LTR                                             Ctrl+Alt+L
Text Direction RTL                                             Ctrl+Alt+R
to Lower case                                                  Ctrl+U
to Upper case                                                  Ctrl+Shift+U
Toggle Bookmark                                                Ctrl+F2
Toggle Full Screen Mode                                        F11
Toggle macro record                                            Ctrl+Shift+R
Trim Trailing Space                                            ---
Uncollapse the current level                                   Ctrl+Alt+Shift+F
unEscape "" to '                                               ---
unEscape "" to "                                               ---
unEscape \' to '                                               ---
unEscape \" to '                                               ---
unEscape \" to "                                               ---
unEscape both \"&\' to "&'                                     ---
Unfold all                                                     Alt+Shift+---
Unmark all                                                     Ctrl+Shift+M
UPPER CASE                                                     ---
User Define Dialog...                                          ---
V:Copy & Append Entire Selection                               Ctrl+Shift+C
V:Copy Entire Selection (no append)                            ---
V:Copy Invisible Selection                                     ---
V:Copy Visible Selection                                       ---
V:Cut & Append Entire Selection                                Ctrl+Shift+X
V:Cut Entire Selection (no append)                             ---
V:Cut Invisible Selection                                      ---
V:Cut Visible Selection                                        ---
V:Delete Invisible Selection                                   ---
V:Delete Visible Selection                                     ---
V:Hide Between-Selected or All-Reset Lines                     ---
V:Hide Lines with (Clipboard) text                             ---
V:Hide Lines without (Clipboard) text                          ---
V:Hide/Show sequence all steps                                 ---
V:Hide/Show sequence singlestep next                           ---
V:Hide/Show sequence singlestep rest                           ---
V:Hide/Show sequence singlestep start                          ---
V:Insert Show/Hide Sequence                                    ---
V:Invert Visibility Between-Selected or All Lines              ---
V:Paste                                                        ---
V:Paste as UTF-8/ANSI                                          ---
V:Select as Hide/Show sequence                                 ---
V:Show Between-Selected or All-Reset Lines                     ---
V:Show Lines with (Clipboard) text                             ---
V:Show Lines without (Clipboard) text                          ---
V:Show More Lines around my position...                        ---
View as cp1251                                                 ---
View as cp866                                                  ---
View as DOS (OEM)                                              Ctrl+Alt+D
View as iso8859-5                                              ---
View as koi8-r                                                 ---
View as mac                                                    ---
View as WIN                                                    Ctrl+Alt+W
View List as Tree                                              ---
W:+Viz Capture Keyboard Ctrl-C,X,V                             ---
W:+Viz Copy-Cut also in UTF-8                                  ---
W:+Viz Copy-Cut always converts to CRLF                        ---
W:+Viz Copy-Cut Appends to clipboard                           ---
W:+Viz Copy-Cut not in UNICODE                                 ---
W:+Viz Copy-Cut replace [NUL] with space                       ---
W:+Viz Paste converts EOL to editor                            ---
W:+Viz Paste retains position                                  ---
W:+Viz Paste/Append binary                                     ---
W:+Viz Text Search Case Sensitive                              ---
W:+Viz Text Search Regex                                       ---
W:+Viz Text Search Whole Words                                 ---
Wikipedia Search                                               Alt+F3
Word completion                                                Ctrl+Enter
Wrap                                                           ---
Zap all characters to space                                    ---
Zap all non printable characters to #                          ---

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