Les recuerdo que el 30  de junio es la fecha  limite para el envio  de
abstracts  para el IV  World Congresses  on Computational Mechanics  a
realizarse   en Bs.As. del  29   de Junio al  2   de Julio de  1998. A
continuacion incluyo un extracto en  ingles de la informacion sobre el

           Buenos Aires (Argentina), 29 June - 2 July 1998

                           2nd Annoncement
     IACM - International Association of Computational Mechanics

Following  the  success of  the  three  previous  World Congresses  on
Computational Mechanics held  in Austin, Texas  (USA (1986), Stuttgart
(Germany1990), and  Chiba (Japan 1994), the  International Association
for  Computational Mechanics (IACM) is  pleased to announce the Fourth
World  Congress on Computational Mechanics  (WCCM IV) to take place in
Buenos Aires (Argentina) on 29 June - 2 July 1998.


Participants who  wish to   contribute   papers to the  Congress   are
requested to submit a one page abstract  together with Abstract Form A
no later than June 30, 1997 to one of the Conference Secretariats. All
contributed  papers must contain unpublished  material  at the time of
the congress.

Conference  information, including  the conference programme schedule,
instructions for writing  one page abstracts, pre-registration, hotels
and  tours  can be found  on the  Conference Web   Page located at the
following sites:


Keynote, Contributed and   Organized Sessions are  envisaged in topics
related  to theoretical developments  and applications in any field of
Computational Mechanics. Typical topics to be covered will include:

   * AI & Expert Systems               * Process & Chemical Engineering   
   * Mesh Generation & Refinement      * Environmental Science            
   * Biomechanics                      * Robotics and Control             
   * Metal Forming Processes           * Geomechanics                     
   * Computational Physics             * Solid & Structural Mechanics     
   * Numerical Methods & Computing     * Inverse Problems & Optimisation  
   * CAD, CAM and CAE                  * Smart Algorithms & Adaptive      
   * Nonlinear Dynamics                * Mathematical Modeling Methods    
   * Computational Fluid Mechanics     * Scientific Visualisation         
   * Parallel Computing                * Stochastic Mechanics             
   * Electromagnetics                  * Material Science                 

>From the Invited   Speakers,   the Organizing Committee  will   select
several lectures to be  presented as Plenary Lectures. This  selection
takes into account  the country and the subject   of the lecture.  The
following scientists have confirmed their participation:

   * J.H. Argyris, University of Stuttgart, Germany 
   * K.J. Bathe, Massachussets Institute of Technology, USA 
   * C.A. Felippa, University of Colorado at Boulder, USA 
   * R.H. Gallagher, Clarkson University, USA 
   * T.J.R. Hughes, Stanford University, USA 
   * T. Kawai, Science University of Tokyo, Japan 
   * J.L. Lions, Centre National d'Etudes Spatiales, France 
   * T. Oden, The University of Texas at Austin, USA 
   * O.C. Zienkiewicz, University College of Swansea, Wales 

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