Argentine Symposium on Artificial Intelligence

Buenos Aires, Argentina

September 7-10, 1999


Tuesday, 7 September

9:00 Session 1: Intelligent Tutoring Systems
        Chairman: MsC. Jane Pryor (ISISTAN, Universidad Nacional del

   * A Cognitivist Instructional Approach Applied to the Design of an
     Intelligent Tutoring System
     Enrique A. Sierra, Roberto Fernandez , Gustavo E. Monte and Juan J.
     Columbia University, USA and Universidad Nacional del Comahue,

   * Building ITS with an authoring system
     Constanza Huapaya, Graciela Arona and Pablo Albornoz
     Universidad Nacional de Mar del Plata, Argentina.

10:00 Invited Talk: An Introduction to Neural Networks
        Dr. Juan Santos (Universidad Nacional de Buenos Aires)

11:00 Session 2: Neural Networks
        Chairman: Dr. Juan Santos (Universidad de Buenos Aires)

   * Survey of Neural Networks for a Financial Predictor
     Sara M. Abecasis and Evangelina S. Lapenta
     CONICET, Universidad Nacional de Lujan, Argentina.

   * ANN Training for High Impedance Fault Detection
     Marcos A. Donolo, Juan C. Amatti and Juan C. Gsmez
     Universidad Nacional de Rmo Cuarto, Argentina.

12:00 Session 3: Genetic Algorithms
        Chairman: Ing. Andris Dmaz Pace (ISISTAN, Universidad Nacional
Centro, Tandil)

   * Comparing Evolutionary Algorithms Applied to the Optimal Design of
     Generation Power Systems
     Gustavo Sanchez and Alejandro Hoese
     Universidad Nacional de San Juan, Argentina.

   * Approximate solutions to TSP using Genetic Algorithms and Self
     Organizing Maps
     Edgardo J. Trenti
     Universidad Nacional de Salta, Argentina.

14:00 Session 4: Learning
        Chairman: Dra. Gabriela Henning (Universidad Nacional del
Litoral, Santa

   * Automatic Theory Formation in Graph Theory
     Hemerson Pistori and Jacques Wainer
     Universidade Catslica Dom Bosco and Universidade Estadual de

   * Evaluation of CN2 Induced Rules Using Feature Selection
     Josi Augusto Baranauskas, Marma Carolina Monard and Paulo Sirgio
     University of Sco Paulo, Brazil.

   * Some Experiences with the Discretization Process: from Regression
     Luis Carlos Molina Filix, Solange Oliveira Rezende, Marma Carolina
     Monard and Chandler Caulkins
     Universitat Polithcnica de Catalunya, Spain and University of Sco
     Paulo, Brazil.

   * Computing Similarity Among Cases: An Operational Model Using
     Agenor Martins and Edilson Ferneda
     UFPI and UFPB, Brazil.

16:00 Talk: Agents for Generating Personal Newspapers
        Dra. Analma Amandi (ISISTAN, Universidad Nacional del Centro,

17:00 Session 5: Intelligent Agents I
        Chairman: Ing. Alejandro Zunino (ISISTAN, Universidad Nacional

   * Intelligent Agents to Solve Real-Time Control Problems
     Gilberto Nakamiti, Ricardo Freitas and Fernando Gomide
     Paulista University and University of Campinas, Brazil.

   * Agent-Based Architecture to Support Distance Learning
     Marcello Thiry and Ricardo Barcia
     University of Vale do Itajam, Brazil.

   * Modeling Defeasibility into an Extended Logic Programming Setting
     an Abstract Argumentation Framework
     Carlos Ivan Chasqevar and Guillermo Simari
     Universidad Nacional del Sur, Argentina.

   * An Evolutionary Approach for Controlling an Autonomous Agent By
     Dynamically Generating Run-Time Behavior Networks
     John A. Atkinson-Abutridy and Julio R. Carrasco Lesn
     Universidad de Concepcisn, Chile.

Wednesday, 8 September

9:00 Tutorial: Multi-Agent Systems
        Dr. Yves Demazeau (Institut National Polytechnique de Grenoble -

11:00 Session 6: Natural Languages
        Chairman: Lic. Henri Avancini (Universidad Nacional del Comahue,

   * Multilingual Natural Language Generation for 3D Learning
     Charles B. Callaway, Brent H. Daniel and James C. Lester
     North Carolina State University, USA.

   * Using Lexical Functional Grammars for Natural Language Systems
     Javier Blanco and Pablo Duboui
     Universidad Nacional de Csrdoba, Argentina.

   * Applying Inductive Decision Trees in Co-reference Resolution of
     Definite NPs
     Renata Vieira
     Universidade Federal do Vale do Rio dos Sinos, Brazil.

14:00 Tutorial (First part): Machine Learning in Automated Text
        Dr. Fabrizio Sebastiani (Istituto di Elaborazione
dell'Informazione -

16:30 Coffee Break

17:00 Keynote: Multi-Agent Systems Organizations
        Dr. Yves Demazeau (Institut National Polytechnique de Grenoble -

Thursday, 9 September

9:00 Tutorial: Genetics Algorithms

Dr. Zbigniew Michalewicz (University of North Carolina at Charlotte)
(Invited by SIO99)

14:00 Tutorial (Second part): Machine Learning in Automated Text
        Dr. Fabrizio Sebastiani (Istituto di Elaborazione
dell'Informazione -

15:30 Coffee Break

16:00 Session 7: Visualization
        Chairman: Dr. Ricardo Orosco (ISISTAN, Universidad Nacional del

   * PESCE: a Search-based System to Automate the Generation of Visual
     Rogelio Adobbati, W. Lewis Johnson and Stacy Marsella
     University of Southern California, USA.

   * A Visual-Based System for Gesture Recognition On a Mobile Robot
     Roseli Romero, Sebastian Thrun and Stefan Waldherr
     University of Sco Paulo, Brazil and Carnegie Mellon University,

17:00 Invited Talk: Reactive Agents Coordination: The football
simulation case
        Dr. Marcelo Campo (ISISTAN, Universidad Nacional del Centro,

18:00 Session 8: Intelligent Agents II
        Chairman: Dr. Marcelo Campo (ISISTAN, Universidad Nacional del

   * Purposeful Behavior in Robot Soccer Team Play
     Wei-Min Shen, Rogelio Adobbati, Andrew Marshall, Jay Modi, Hadi
     Behnam Salemi and Sheila Tejada
     University of Southern California, USA.

Friday, 10 September

9:00 Session 9: Reactive Systems
        Chairman: C.C. Raquel Huapaya (Universidad Nacional de Mar del

   * An Operational Semantics for Statecharts
     Juan Pablo Gruer, Pablo Rovarini and Roberto Fanjul
     Universidad Nacional de Tucuman, Argentina.

   * Simula++: a Tool for Evolutionary Reactive Multi-Agent Systems
     Andre Zanki Cordenonsi and Luis Otavio Alvares
     Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil.

10:00 Invited Talk: Personalized Agents for Internet Querying
        Ing. Mario Zito (ANALYTE S.R.L.)

Alejandro Zunino
ASAI'99 Organizing Committee Coordinator
ISISTAN Research Institute
Universidad Nacional del Centro
Campus Universitario Paraje Arroyo Seco 
(7000) Tandil, Buenos Aires, Argentina.
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