Artificial Intelligence Journal Special Issue on Heuristic 

Guest editors: Rina Dechter, Richard Korf and Weixiong Zhang

Call for papers:

Heuristic search is a major component of many intelligent systems, and
has always been a central area of AI research.  As the field of
Artificial Intelligence moves toward building complex intelligent
systems to solve large and difficult real-world problems in various
domains, research in heuristic search becomes increasingly important
and more active.  In the past several years, important progress has
been made.  It has not only addressed those issues considered in
traditional heuristic search research, such as computational
complexity and precision of heuristic functions, but also dealt with
new challenges imposed by, for instance, dynamic environments and
incomplete and uncertain information.  To reflect the state of the art
in this area, and to further advance research in it, this special
issue of the AI Journal will bring together articles describing recent
developments in heuristic search and related fields. 

Topics of interest include (but are not restricted to):

  * Relationship between search complexity and domain information used
  * Search with limited space, and time-space tradeoffs
  * New search algorithms for incomplete/uncertain information and
    limited computation using different representations (e.g. Markov
    decision processes and belief nets) and in various domains
    (e.g. planning, scheduling, robotics, computer games,
    combinatorial optimization) 
  * Hybrid methods: combining search methods, combining different
    evaluation functions, combining search and inference, etc.
  * Interleaving learning, search and action
  * Real-time and on-line search
  * Learning search control strategies and evaluation functions
  * Comparison of different search paradigms (e.g. systematic vs.
    stochastic search)
  * Novel applications of existing search algorithms

Submission information:

Deadline for Submission: December 31, 1999.

Please submit the manuscript in PostScript format through electronic
mail to  If electronic submission is not possible,
send four copies of the manuscript to

Weixiong Zhang
USC/Information Science Institute
 4676 Admiralty Way, Suite 1001
Marina del Rey, CA 90292, USA

Submission guidelines are available on-line at

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