Subject:  Workshop on Optimal design in France, November 25-27, 2002.
   Date:  Sat, 1 Jun 2002 08:35:15 +0200
   From:Joseph Zarka <>

Madam, Sir,

As involved in the field you might be interested by this special
dedicated to optimal design of structures that I am organizing this

If this is not the case, please, could you accept in advance, my sincere
You may ask me to take you off this list and it will be done.

Best regards

Joseph Zarka
Directeur de Recherches au CNRS


You are invited to participate to the

 Laboratoire de Mecanique des Solides
 Ecole Polytechnique
 November 25-27, 2002

The 3 day-workshop is dedicated to Mechanical and Civil Engineers
and researchers who have to design structures, materials subjected to
kind of loadings such as elevated temperatures and high pressures,
and dynamic loads, seismes, CRASH, rolling and wear and who require
an optimal solution.
Special multidisciplinary sessions will be organized in
Low cost High Quality materials
Optimal Design with direct links to CAD
Fluid structure interactions  ...
Several experts will present their recent works and other ones will
contribute in the animations among them :
Dr Antonella Cecchi,  Dr Chi Tran , Dr Jirm Martan
Dr Sandra Roscic, Dr Slava zarubin ,Drs Bernardo and Federico Bartolozzi
Prof  Marc Schoenauer , Prof Alexander S. Kravchuk
Prof Daniele Lomario ,Prof Dr. Gonzalo Gonzalez Rey
Prof Fernando Monge , Prof Francesco Giambanco
Prof George Rozvany, Prof Gevorg Melkonyan
Prof H.D. Bui , Prof Jorge Angeles
Prof Joseph Zarka , Prof Marc Bonnet
Prof Oleg Limarchenko , Prof Peer Haller
Prof Ronald H.W. Hoppe ,Prof. Dr. Edoardo Mazza

In order to provide clear presentations
and active discussions, there will be no more than 50 participants
and only 24 lectures have been accepted.

The Registration fee (including, the 3 meals, the banquet and coffee
will be
before october 1,2002    :  600 US $
after this date  :   800 US $
The proceedings will be delivered before the workshop on a CD.
Important note: ASME, AFM, members, Authors and Universities affiliates
receive a 50 % reduction to the registration fee.

This workshop is sponsored by LMS and CADLM. (
Its animator is Prof. J. ZARKA,
Laboratoire de Micanique des Solides,
Ecole Polytechnique, 91128 Palaiseau (France)
Tel: 33 1 69 33 33 72  Fax: 33 1 69 33 30 26

There will be also a special session on
Optimal Design during the next MIT Conference

You are invited to send me ans abstract if you are interested
Please do not hesitate to look at the informations on the Second M.I.T.
Conference on Computational Fluid and
Solid Mechanics, June 17 - 20, 2003, at:

The mission of the M.I.T. Conference is:
"To bring together Industry and Academia and To nurture the next
in computational mechanics"
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