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We would like to inform you about the second announcement and call for
papers of IASS-IACM 2000.

                       IASS - IACM 2000 
                     Fourth International Colloquium on 
               Computation of Shell & Spatial Structures 

               June 5 - 7 , 2000 , Chania - Crete , Greece 

                            Organised by the 
     Working Group No 13: Numerical Methods in Shell & Spatial
Structures of IASS 
            Greek Association for Computational Mechanics (GRACM) 
                 National Technical University of Athens (NTUA) 

                          In co-operation with the 
            International Association for Shell & Spatial Structures
           International Association for Computational Mechanics (IACM)

The main objective of this Colloquium is to provide an international
forum for presentation and
discussion of the recent advances on various aspects of the analysis and
design of shell and
spatial structures. In particular, it will reflect the state of the art
of computational methods in
the mechanics, software development and engineering practice of shell
and spatial structures. 

Colloquium Themes 
Geometric and material nonlinear analysis 7 Static and dynamic buckling
analysis 7 Dynamic
and chaotic behaviour 7 Composite materials and structures 7 High
performance computing 7
Form finding and optimization 7 Smart Structures 7 Shape, topology and
sizing optimization 7
Sensitivity analysis 7 Error control and adaptivity 7 Stochastic and
reliability analysis 7
Structural identification 7 Coupled problems 7 Computer aided design and
visualization 7 Pre
and post processing 7 Mesh generation 

The Prefecture of Chania, situated in the westernmost sector of the
historic island of Crete, is
rich in natural beauty. Its prominent aspects are the landscape, the sea
embracing the
Prefecture on three sides and its warm and dry climate. The landscape of
alternating mountain
ranges, valleys and beautiful shores on the one hand, and archaeological
sites, architecture
(Byzantine, Venetian, Ottoman and Neo-Classical) on the other,
constitute, along with the
uniqueness of the character and the traditions of the inhabitants, a
unique place for recreation
and travel. 

Organising Committee 
Honorary Chairman: J. H. Argyris, Univ. Stuttgart, Germany 
Chairman: M. Papadrakakis, Nat. Technical Univ. Athens, Greece 
Co-Chairmen: A.Samartin, Univ. Politecnica Madrid, Spain, E. Onate,
Univ. Politecnica de
Catalunya, Spain 

Advisory Committee 
Co-Chairmen: S. J. Medwadowski, Oakland,USA, IASS President, T. J. R.
Stanford, USA, IACM President 

J. F. Abel, Cornell, G. C. Giuliani, Milano, Y. Hangai*,Tokyo, M.
Kawaguchi, Tokyo,
M. Kleiber, Warsaw, H. Mang, Vienna, R. Motro, Montpellier, M.I. Mungan,
H. Nooshin, Surrey, J. B. Obrebski, Warsaw, E. Ramm, Stuttgart,A.C.
Berkeley, N.E. Wiberg, Goteborg, W. Wunderlich, Munchen 

Scientific Committee 
A.E. Armenakas, New York, S. Atluri, Los Angeles, K. J. Bathe, Boston,
P. Bergan,
Hovik, D. Beskos, Patras, D. Briassoulis, Athens, M. A. Crisfield,
London, A.
Eriksson, Stockholm, C. Farhat, Boulder, C. Felippa, Boulder, P. L.
Gould, St. Louis, E.
Hinton, Swansea, J. Katsikadelis, Athens, M. Kojic, Kragujevac,
Kounadis, Athens, W.
Kraetzig, Bochum, P. Ladevez, Cachan, R. Levy, Haifa, K. Linkwitz,
Stuttgart, J. L.
Meek, Queensland, M. Pavlovic, London, S. Pellegrino, Cambridge, G. S.
Besantnegar, F. G. Rammerstorfer, Vienna, E. Rank, Munchen, J. N. Reddy,
Texas, E.
Riks, Delft, G. de Roeck, Leuven, K. Schweizerhof, Karlsruhe, G.
Schueller, Innsbruck,
G. J. Simitses, Cincinnati, E. Stein, Hannover, D. Talaslidis,
Thessaloniki, R. L. Taylor,
Berkeley, B.H.V. Topping, Edinburgh, Y. B. Yang, Taipei, Z. Waszcyszyn,

Organized Sessions 
Some of the sessions will be organized by specialists in their area. To
date the following
Organized Sessions have been proposed: Shell Elements, Y. K. Cheung,
Stability of shells, A
Combescure, Parameter dependent responses, A. Eriksson, Shell
optimization, E. Hinton,
Stability of Spatial Structures, B. A. Izzuddin, Inelastic response
Analysis of Shell Structures,
W. B. Kratzig, Expert systems for the analysis & design of steel frames,
G. S.
Ramaswamy, Form finding of membranes and shells, E. Ramm, High order
methods for
shell and spatial structures, E. Rank, High performance computing, F. X.
Roux, Stochastic
and reliability analysis, G. Schueller, Optimal design and
identification, G. Stravroulakis
and H. Antes 

Important Dates 
 Receipt of abstracts
                        15 October 1999
 Notification of acceptance
                        15 December 1999
 Submission of complete
                        1 March 2000
 Deadline for early payment
                        15 March 2000

Social Programme 
Reception: The reception is scheduled for Sunday at 8.00 p.m. It will
take place at the pool
site of the Creta Paradise Hotel. 
Dinner - Cretan Evening: The Colloquium dinner will be held on Tuesday
at 8.00 p.m. by
the Aphrodite pool restaurant of the Creta Paradise Hotel. 

Accompanying Persons Programme 
The accompanying persons programme features a number of guided tours in
the city of Chania
and in Crete. Monday: Photo Safari in the south coast. Tuesday: Palace
of Knossos and
Minoan antiquities. Wednesday: Chania city tour. 

Post Conference Tours 
Tour 1-Samaria Gorge: No holiday in Crete is complete without a trip
through the longest
gorge in Europe, the Gorge of Samaria. 
Tour 2-Santorini island: Santorini island is only 70 miles from Crete.
No other island quite
compares with the wild, natural beauty of the volcanic island of

Block reservations at reduced rates have been arranged at the Creta
Paradise Hotel and at a
number of hotels conveniently located in the vicinity of the Colloquium
location. Please note
that all reservations should be addressed to Kyriakakis Travel, the
appointed travel agent: 
Kyriakakis Travel 
Tel: +30-821-27746, Fax: +30-821-27707 

For further inquiries please contact: 
Prof. M. Papadrakakis 
Chairman of IASS-IACM 2000 
Institute of Structural Analysis 
& Seismic Research 
National Technical University of Athens 
Zografou Campus, Athens 15773, Greece 
Tel: (+301) 7721694 
Fax: (+301) 7721693 

Updated information 
Detailed instructions on the preparation of abstracts and full length
papers, hotel rates and
updated information on IASS-IACM 2000 please contact the web site:
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