Desde: 26-11-2001
Hasta: 30-11-2001
Lugar: Uberlandia, Brasil


                              COBEM 2001
          16-th Brazilian Congress of Mechanical Engineering

      November 26-30, 2001 - Uberlandia - Minas Gerias - Brazil

The Brazilian  Congress of Mechanical  Engineering COBEM, is  the most
important   Brazilian    congress   in   the    area   of   mechanical
engineering. It's  objective is  to bring together  professionals from
industries,  universities  and  research  centers in  order  to  share
experiences and to discuss the  main advances and trends of Mechanical
Engineering and  related fields. Under the patronage  of the Brazilian
Society of Mechanical Sciences ABCM, COBEM has been biannually held in
different places around the country,  since 1971.  The 16th edition of
COBEM will  be held in Uberlbndia,  MG (Brazil), from the  26th to the
30th November 2001 and is  being organized by the School of Mechanical
Engineering of the Federal University of Uberlbndia UFU.


The  16th  COBEM  will  be  held  at  the  Plaza  Shopping  Hotel,  in
Uberlandia, Brazil. Uberlandia is located  in the heart of the country
and  South  American  continent.  It   is  a  medium  size  city  with
approximately 500  thousand inhabitants and  has a strong  and diverse
economy. Uberlbndia is one of  the most important development poles of
the  central-west region.  It is  recognized by  the World  Bank  as a
"model  city   for  Latin  America".  Uberlandia   possesses  a  great
infrastructure  of  services  and  leisure  and  presents  significant
quality of  life indicators. The city  is also an  important center of
higher  education,  including the  Federal  University of  Uberlbndia,
which  is a public  university, and  three private  universities that,
together, serve approximately 25,000 students.



School of Mechanical Engineering - Federal University of Uberlandia
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