Agradeceri la publicacisn de la siguiente informacisn sobre "Una
Bibliografma sobre Problemas de Frontera Libre para la Ecuacisn del
Calor-Difusisn. El problema de Stefan y Problemas Relacionados" con 5869
referencias en 300 paginas que se encuentra en forma libre y gratuita en
  Mas abajo se encuentra una carta general donde se da la
correspondiente direccisn.
  Reciban mis cordiales saludos.

Domingo Tarzia

* Domingo Alberto Tarzia                *
* Depto. Matematica - CONICET           *
* FCE, Univ. Austral                    *        
* Paraguay 1950                         *
* S2000FZF  Rosario, ARGENTINA.         *
* Tel.: 54-341-481-4990 Int. 137        *
* Fax: 54-341-481-0505                  *
* E-mail: [EMAIL PROTECTED]          *


Dear colleagues:
                          I have the pleasure to announce you that

D.A. Tarzia "A Bibliography on Moving-Free Boundary Problems for the
Heat-Diffusion Equation. The Stefan and Related Problems", MAT, Serie A,

with 5869 references on the subject is now available free of charge on
Internet at the following address:

      , then click on #2(2000)

or directly 


where you can download the corresponding pdf file containing the
introduction (it is the print version with 16 pages) and all references
with a total of 300 pages, divided in 11 different data bases; for
example, there exist 4039 titles published in scientific journals.

        I remark that it is a personal bibliography (I have a copy of
all titles), which began as a hobby in 1977 being a Ph. student in Paris
and now I offer it to you as a gift. I hope that this bibliography can
be useful for you.

        If you find that there exist some titles from you or some of
your colleagues which are not included in it you can help me by send the
corresponding reprints, technical reports, proceedings, books, thesis or
photocopies of them (please, dont send only the references). These will
be incorporated in a future up-dated edition.

I take this opportunity in order to offer our collection MAT (see in an interchange basis to all universities or
journals in order to improve my work; now, due to the exponential growth
of the numbers of publications, it is almost impossible to continue the
bibliography without money and the help of the scientific community by
sending me journals, reprints, etc. If you have something to offer me
please write me your proposal to my address

                      [EMAIL PROTECTED]

Please re-send this message to your colleagues who can be interested in
having a copy of the bibliography on FBP for the heat-diffusion equation
particularity regarding the Stefan-like problems.

        Thank you very much in advance for your collaboration.
Sincerely yours,

Domingo A. Tarzia
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