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MECOM 2005

Primer Anuncio

La Asociación Argentina de Mecánica Computacional, AMCA, anuncia el
VIII Congreso Argentino de Mecánica Computacional, MECOM 2005. El
mismo se realizará en la Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires del 16 al 18
de noviembre de 2005, organizado por la Facultad de Ingeniería y
Ciencias Exactas y el Centro de Estudios Avanzados de la Universidad
Argentina de la Empresa.

La convocatoria oficlal a envío de resúmenes, con los detalles de
formato de los mismos, será enviada a principios de febrero 2005. El
deadline para la recepción de resúmenes   será  el 31 de marzo de
2005. El congreso incluirá una sesión de posters, destinada a trabajos
en donde al menos el primer autor sea un estudiante de grado  o

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Comité Organizador MECOM 2005 


First Announce

The Argentine Asociation for Computational Mechanics, AMCA, announces
the VIII Argentinian Congress on Computacional Mechanics, MECOM
2005. The Congress will be held in Buenos Aires, Argentina, from
November 16 to 18, 2005, organized and hosted by the School of
Enginnering and Sciences and the Center for Advanced Studies of
Universidad Argentina de la Empresa.

The official Call for Abstracts will be sent by February 2005. The
abstracts will be due to the organizers by March 31st, 2005. The
Congress will include a poster session devoted to papers in which at
least the first author is a student, either graduate or undergraduate.

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ENIEF 2005 Organizing


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Iberian Latin American Congress on

Computational Methods in Engineering

October 19 to 21, 2005

Guarapari, ES, Brazil

Universidade Federal do Espmrito Santo

Web site: http://www.inf.ufes.br/cilamce2005/



The use of Computational Methods in the solution of Engineering Problems is 
universally accepted today, having caused a noticeable impact on the 
day-to-day work of the professional engineer over the last few decades. 
Progress seems to be made in applied computational methods at an ever 
increasing rate, however the benefits from these new technologies do not 
often quickly become available or even known.

The conference has the goal to create a forum in which engineers and 
researchers can exchange ideas and information about the computational 
methods and systems currently available, including those under development 
at universities and research institutes. In addition, it is hoped that it 
will contribute to the dissemination of knowledge about computational 
methods and systems inside the engineer's community of Italy, Portugal, 
Spain and Latin-America.


This conference verses about all kinds of numerical and computational 
methods applied to engineering problems, as well as the applications derived 
from these methods. Among the computational methods the finite element 
method, the boundary element method, optimization methods, finite difference 
methods, finite volume methods, as well as any other computer application 
designed to solve engineering problems are invited. Among the applications 
it is worth mentioning biomechanics, electricity and magnetism, 
contact-impact mechanics, computational geomechanics, structural analysis 
and stability, computational aerodynamics, mechanics of advanced materials, 
thermal systems, acoustics, water resource engineering, chemical 
engineering, nuclear energy and reservoir engineering. Object oriented 
programming, advanced data modeling, high performance and grid computing, 
and other computational and mathematical tools for computational methods are 
also welcome.



June      15, 2005: Full papers due
August    31, 2005: Notification of acceptance
September 30, 2005: Authors' registration deadline

Andrea Maria Pedrosa Valli,             Dept. of Computer Science
Fernando Cisar Meira Menandro,          Dept. of Mechanical Eng.

Antonio Manoel Ferreira Frasson,        Dept. of Electrical Eng.
Juan Sergio Romero Saenz,               Dept. of Mechanical Eng.
Lucia Catabriga,                        Dept. of Computer Science
Marta Monteiro da Costa Cruz,           Dept. of Production Eng.
Neyval Costa Reis Jr.,                  Dept. of Environmental Eng.
Raul Henriques Cardoso Lopes,           Dept. of Computer Science
Walnorio Graca Ferreira                 Dept. of Civil Eng. 

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