Dear friends,

I recently became aware of the new impact factor of the Latin American Journal 
of Solids and Structures, LAJSS.
For the period 2011-2015 it reads 0.849, a considerable drop in relation to the 
previous value of 1.411 for the period 2010-2014.
It is somewhat difficult to understand such a drop, given that the journal has 
grown in number of published articles. 
As for the first semester of 2016, LAJSS has received 359 submissions and 264 
were rejected, ie 73%. This means, in my view, that the papers published in 
LAJSS have a good scientific content and perhaps most of them deserved to be 
studied and eventually cited.
This is exactly what I would like to ask you. Being a member of the editorial 
board of LAJSS and being so active in scientific publication, I am sure you 
will find a good material in LAJSS that is worth of studying and eventually 
being cited. Note that the SEARCH option in the site is quite useful to dig out 
papers there published that may be of use for your research activities.
Please do not take me wrong on this request. I am not suggesting you and your 
co-authors to cite LAJSS just by citing. This is of course contrary to the best 
practices in science. What I am asking is your good will towards LAJSS and, 
whenever possible, to use its contents in your research work.
Such an attitude may reflect in the future in an increase of the impact factor, 
certainly an important index that LAJSS needs to consider, although not the 
only one. Other important positive indexes of LAJSS are its huge readers 
database, number of issues published per year, number o visit to our site, etc.

I take the chance to thank you again and again for your continuous help to our 
With my warmest regards,
Marcilio Alves
University of Sao Paulo Associate Professor, Eng.Mec., M.Eng., Ph.D., D.Sc.
Group of Solid Mechanics and Structural Impact
Editor-in-Chief Latin American Journal of Solids and Structures 
www.lajss.orgimpact factor 1.411
President International Society of Impact Engineering
Depart of Mechatronics and Mechanical Systems EngineeringPolytechnical School
Mechanical Engineering Building - Office, Room MS11 - Lab, Room MT03
Phone Office 55 11 30915757 Phone Lab 55 11 30915331Av Prof Mello Moraes 2231 
Sao Paulo SP 05508-900 Brazil
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