ctubbsii commented on a change in pull request #369: [ACCUMULO-4787] Close 
input stream in AccumuloReplicaSystem
URL: https://github.com/apache/accumulo/pull/369#discussion_r167682325

 File path: 
 @@ -113,44 +113,46 @@ public void sort(String name, Path srcPath, String 
destPath) {
         // the following call does not throw an exception if the file/dir does 
not exist
         fs.deleteRecursively(new Path(destPath));
-        DFSLoggerInputStreams inputStreams;
-        try {
-          inputStreams = DfsLogger.readHeaderAndReturnStream(fs, srcPath, 
-        } catch (LogHeaderIncompleteException e) {
-          log.warn("Could not read header from write-ahead log " + srcPath + 
". Not sorting.");
-          // Creating a 'finished' marker will cause recovery to proceed 
normally and the
-          // empty file will be correctly ignored downstream.
-          fs.mkdirs(new Path(destPath));
-          writeBuffer(destPath, Collections.<Pair<LogFileKey,LogFileValue>> 
emptyList(), part++);
-          fs.create(SortedLogState.getFinishedMarkerPath(destPath)).close();
-          return;
-        }
+        try (final FSDataInputStream fsinput = fs.open(srcPath)) {
+          DFSLoggerInputStreams inputStreams;
+          try {
+            inputStreams = DfsLogger.readHeaderAndReturnStream(fsinput, conf);
 Review comment:
   I'm not exactly sure what kind of additional resources the crypto stream 
might use, but it seems to me that since `inputStreams` is not `Closeable`, it 
may be possible for an the `fsinput` to be closed, but the crypto stream in 
`inputStreams` to still be holding resources. Would need to dig further to be 
sure, but it would be nice if `DFSLoggerInputStreams` was `Closeable` and this 
was created as a second resource, in the `try-with-resources` block on line 116.
   Same comment applies to other uses of `DFSLoggerInputStreams`.

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