Arnaud Jeansen created IVY-1565:

             Summary: Enable XmlModuleDescriptorParser to skip the ivy-module 
version check
                 Key: IVY-1565
             Project: Ivy
          Issue Type: Improvement
            Reporter: Arnaud Jeansen
            Priority: Minor

I have a very specific use case where I rewrite ivy files to pom files on the 
fly on a binary repository manager (artifactory).
Basically, when an ivy-$version.xml file is published, I launch the equivalent 
of the Ant makePom task and save a pom file in the same directory as the ivy 

I am relying on an interesting feature from Artifactory called "user plugins", 
where groovy scripts are executed on some specific events (e.g. upload of a 
A sample implementation even exists at

However, my problem is that the binary repository manager has ivy-2.2 as its 
library. So any attempt to transform later ivy module descriptors (versions 2.3 
and 2.4) fail with:
java.text.ParseException: [invalid version 2.4 in 

Is there any interest in providing a way to skip the version check in 
XmlModuleDescriptorParser$Parser#ivyModuleStarted or enable callers to modify 
ALLOWED_VERSIONS and authorize later versions?

I have looked for a workaround for quite some time but:
* ALLOWED_VERSIONS is final, so there is no way to switch to a new List with 
the versions I want
* ALLOWED_VERSIONS is an AbstractList, so _add_ and _addAll_ are unimplemented
* Subclassing and overriding ivyModuleStarted fails because it works with a lot 
of private fields directly

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