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We had a similar problem with our own unit tests, see bug 60060 says:

> Note on XSLT extension functions: when using the default TraX implementation 
> of the Java class library and a SecurityManager is active - e.g. when running 
> from within an IDE - XSLT extension functions cannot be used as "secure 
> processing" is active in Java 7 and above. Ant contains a special "hack" that 
> allows XSLT extensions to be used in Java 7 and 8, but this hack fails for 
> Java 9. If you want to use extensions like the redirect extension that are 
> provided by the Java class library itself, you can allow them by enabling the 
> feature in 
> Java 9 and above. If you need to use an extension function not provided by 
> Java itself you can set the attribute jdk.xml.transform.extensionClassLoader 
> to a classloader (reference to an Ant PATH-like structure).

Have you tried setting  to true?

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