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Change subject: Prepare AsterixDB for Pre-Distributed Jobs

Patch Set 3:


I made the two changes. I will submit the new patchset now. Can you start 
looking at the BAD change as well? The problem here is that I've started moving 
forward with new Channels stuff, since the Nonpure review was taking long, so 
we need to get a checkpoint build-able BAD branch in place. This way we can:

1) Enable Ian to add the BAD check on Asterix changes
2) Have the master branch build-able for BAD from now on

Line 112:         private StartJobFunction(DeploymentId deploymentId, byte[] 
acggfBytes, EnumSet<JobFlag> jobFlags, JobId jobId) {
> why is this private? this is the only Constructor that can be used to set a
I'll make it public for now.

Line 363:     public Map<JobId, ActivityClusterGraph> getACGMap() {
> should we rename this to getActivityClusterGraphMap()?. just a suggestion. 

Line 197:                     acgMap.put(jobId, acg);
> this map is only growing. when/how do we remove activity cluster graphs fro
This is exactly the plan :)
The problem here is that we need to get the master BAD branch to a build-able 
state, so this Asterix change is incremental. There will be lots more changes 
to come

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