Github user justin-mcdavid-ibm commented on the issue:
    Hey Garren-- This is coming along great.  Comments below.
    # Activity Page:
    1. When I click on the column header, it changes the active-state coloring 
to orange, but I need to click a second time for it to do the actual sorting.
    2. Is it possible to just highlight the sorting triangle, rather than the 
entire column-header text?
    3. Change the Activity tab label to "Replicator DB Activity."
    4. Add some padding (try 8px?) between the funnel icon and the Filter 
Replications entry box
    5. Increase the text size of and padding around action icons.  Warehousing 
uses 16px for the icons. _all_dbs uses 19px (+enclosure box). I think 16px font 
and 8px left/right padding should suffice with our current information density.
    6. Encoding for db names containing forward slashes still appears to be 
broken for source/target displays in Activity. The broken encoding also extends 
to the linking to the actual databases.
    7. The action to edit the Replication document for a job listed in the 
activity section doesn't appear to be working yet.
    8. Same with the action to view the Replication document.
    9. The Verify Deletion dialogue does not differentiate between single-doc 
deletions, and multi-doc deletions (performed through the bulk-selector).  It 
would probably be better if the dialogue triggered through the bulk selector 
had it's own (pluralized) text and could reference the actual number of 
documents being deleted. (Instead of "You are deleting a replication document." 
make it "You are deleting <number> replication documents."
    10. When does the Activity page refresh?  I'm wondering if we should have 
polling/refresh controls on the page, similarly to how we have them for 
Monitoring and Active Tasks.
    11. Replication jobs that fail to create a new local database still have 
active links to the non-existant database.
    # New Replication Page
    1. The Start Replication button is not quite aligned with the field above 
it. If they could be left-aligned, it would be great.
    2. Padding and password-entry-box length on the replication dialogue are 
broken. Also, what are requirements around this? How regularly should it be 
asking for password, if you're triggering multiple jobs.  Can we have 
permission extend over a session? 
    3. Infield-text on the dialogue's password-entry box should be change to 
"Local-account password."  Apologies for the confusion, but please remove the 
period from the end of the dialogue box's title, as well.
    4. I got a "Database target may not start with an underscore." error when 
attempting to replicate to an existing db named "a_c." So it looks like the 
validation might be a bit overzealous there. Also, is that message new? And a 
way to prevent replicating system dbs?  I'm a little gunshy to test this, but I 
see that the "Start Replication" button is active if I select my local 
_replicator as both source and target. Perhaps we can strip dbs starting with 
an underscore from the source/target dropdowns, as well?  Also, now I'm still 
getting the underscore error, but none of the information in the form contains 
underscores, so it looks like something buggier might be afoot.
    5. Related to above: Did you add validation to prevent replicating a 
database to itself?
    6. Change the "Database target may not start with an underscore." message 
to "The names of database sources and targets cannot begin with underscores." 
(and then you can reuse this message for underscored sources, as well.
    7. I can still use local -> new remote replication to replicate into an 
**existing** remote database.  Same goes for replicating something to a "new" 
database that actually already exists. There should be an error for 
remote-instance-overwrite attempts, and validation for local-instance-overwrite 
    8. To reduce triggering of multiple jobs (and the errors that would arise), 
after a Replication is triggered, the "Start Replication" button should go into 
an inactive state until a change has been made to the form.
    9. Can we implement the replication-doc conflicting handling described 
    # General
    1. The "Replication" breadcrumb for the replication section takes you to 
New Replication, rather than the Activity page; however, unless Advanced 
Replication is going to happen sometime soon (which it doesn't look like it 
will), I think it would be better to follow the same model we have for 
Warehousing, where there is a Create Replication button on the Activity page, 
and then the creation page has breadcrumbs and no tabs.
    2. The message upon triggering a replication job is not quite correct.  It 
states that "Replication from <db1> to <db2> has begun." which isn't actually 
the case if the job errors.  That message should be "Replication from <db1> to 
<db2> is triggered." Though we could say "scheduled" instead of triggered, if 
you want to anticipate the dbnext-change rollout.

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