garbados opened a new issue #1159: [enhancement] Populate `info` for running 
replications in `/_scheduler/docs`
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   Currently, /_scheduler/docs does not populate the `info` object for running 
 such that in order to track a replication's progress, one must still check 
/_active_tasks periodically. /_scheduler/docs should populate `info` for active 
replications so that their progress can be tracked without checking 
   ## Expected Behavior
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   The `info` object on running replication tasks should not be `null` where 
possible. It should contain properties like `docs_read` that can normally be 
acquired from /_active_tasks.
   ## Current Behavior
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current behavior -->
   The `info` property is only populated for replication tasks that have 
completed or failed.
   ## Possible Solution
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   ## Context
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   I am trying to track a running replication's progress by using 
/_scheduler/docs rather than /_active_tasks.
   ## Your Environment
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the bug in -->
   * Version used: 2.1.1
   * Browser Name and version: curl 7.47.0
   * Operating System and version (desktop or mobile): Ubuntu 16.04.3 LTS
   * Link to your project: N/A

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