AlexanderKaraberov opened a new pull request #1162: Fix: Various small fixes
   ## Overview
   This PR contains small fixes for some minor flaws in CouchDB which affected 
me during the development of the new functionality.
   1. Proper error handling of `file:open/2` calls in `couch_file.erl`. 
According to Erlang [file module 
docs]( `open` returns `{error, 
Reason}`  in case of failure but in the `couch_file:sync` and `init` functions 
there are no such checks. Consequently when I received `{error, emfile}` kind 
of error, process crashed with `badmatch` instead of something more specific. 
   2. When you implement `validate_doc_update` as an Erlang function it doesn't 
work because of a missing case clause, namely: when 
`couch_query_servers:try_compile()` calls `proc_prompt_raw()` which in turn 
calls `erlang:apply()` for a native function the return value of it is an atom 
`ok` or `true` but in case of JS function we have response code `1`. I added a 
more general check in the `validate_doc_update` and now it works for Erlang 
functions as well. This was crucial in our case because JS functions are much 
slower and in our production system we are going to use validation functions 
implemented in Erlang.
   3. When we tested CouchDB 2.1 with our production DB which contains 
gazillion of different document `couch_mrview_util:reduced_external_size()` 
crashed with `badmatch` randomly because of some broken docs in our DB. This is 
because `full_reduce` returned response in the format `{_, _}` and not `{ok, 
{_, _}}` as was expected there. After this crash CouchDB was broken completely 
for me. In order to fix this I added an additional "match-anything" `case` 
clause, because even if we had something really broken in our DB, CouchDB still 
should handle this more gracefully I believe. 
   ## Testing recommendations
   These fixes were tested and they resolved all the problems i reported.
   ## Checklist
   - [ ] Code is written and works correctly;
   - [ ] Changes are covered by tests;
   - [ ] Documentation reflects the changes;

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