iilyak commented on a change in pull request #1176: Implement pluggable 
authentication and session support for replicator
URL: https://github.com/apache/couchdb/pull/1176#discussion_r169178743

 File path: src/couch_replicator/src/couch_replicator_utils.erl
 @@ -174,3 +175,93 @@ filter_state(State, States, Info) ->
         false ->
+remove_basic_auth_from_headers(Headers) ->
+    Headers1 = mochiweb_headers:make(Headers),
+    case mochiweb_headers:get_value("Authorization", Headers1) of
+        undefined ->
+            {{undefined, undefined}, Headers};
+        Auth when length(Auth) =< 6 ->
 Review comment:
   What is the rationale for this approach. It seems rather complex. Here are 
the possible downsides of the code as it is written:
   * use of magic number 6 (I got it is the lenght("Basic ") but I have to stop 
for a minute)
   * unnecessary use of length/1
   * subsequent use of lists:split/2
   * what if we decide to use other types (Bearer or Digest or something else)
   If I understand the structure should be always `Authorization: <type> 
   This means that the same could be written as:
   Auth ->
       case lists:splitwith(fun(X) -> X =/= $\s end, Auth) of
           {AType, " " ++ Base64} ->
               maybe_remove_basic_auth(string:to_lower(AType), Base64, Headers1)
   OR if we use binaries 
   case binary:split(?l2b(Auth), <<" ">>) of
      {AType, Base64} ->
          maybe_remove_basic_auth(string:to_lower(?b2l(AType)), Base64, 

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