AlexanderKaraberov opened a new pull request #1195: Add support for bulk get 
with Accept Content Type: "multipart/mixed", "multipart/related"
   ## Overview
   CouchDB currently has support for `_bulk_get` requests which are intended to 
improve performance of client pull replications, by allowing the client to 
request multiple documents in one request. But current implementation has some 
limitations namely: attachment bodies can only be encoded inline (base64) not 
as MIME multipart bodies. Another issue which was much more important in our 
case: current _bulk_get implementation in CouchDB is not compatible with the 
[Couchbase Lite 
1.4.x]( for 
iOS and Android because their `BulkDownloader` accepts [multipart/related 
 and not `application/json`. 
   This PR adds support for `multipart/related`/`multipart/mixed` _bulk_get 
response which is compatible with [Couchbase Lite/Sync 
Gateway]( Code is 
pretty much based on the [rcouch]( implementation 
with some changes to make it compatible with current CouchDB 2 architecture and 
also doesn't use any external libraries. 
   Logic is pretty simple: depending on the `case 
MochiReq:accepts_content_type("multipart/mixed")` check I pick either a default 
CouchDB's _bulk_get implementation or a multipart one. I specifically added a 
`send_doc_multipart` function so that not to break an existing 
`send_docs_multipart` one which wasn't compatible with the logic.
   We already tested this with some of the big production CouchDB databases and 
speedup was very noticeable. I think this feature will be very useful because 
there are a lot of Couchbase Lite users who can't benefit from the _bulk_get 
because of `application/json` only response. Plus this is a completely additive 
change which doesn't break/change existing functionality. Test suite is based 
on the `chttpd_db_bulk_get_test`. If some of the tests are missing or there are 
some issues with the implementation - feel free to point and I will fix them.
   ## Testing recommendations
   For testing create a `db1`, put some docs there: 
   curl -u admin:rm -X PUT
   curl -u admin:rm -H "Content-Type: application/json" -X PUT -d '{"type":"a"}'
   curl -u admin:rm -H "Content-Type: application/json" -X PUT -d '{"type":"a"}'
   curl -u admin:rm -H "Content-Type: application/json" -X PUT -d '{"type":"b"}'
   Also add attachments for some of the docs (.png images or whatnot). After 
this you can execute similar curl command:
   curl -u "admin:rm" -X POST -H "Content-Type: application/json" -H "Accept: 
multipart/related" -H "X-Accept-Part-Encoding: gzip"  -o "response.json" -d 
'{"docs": [{"id":"doc1", "rev": "1-8d0539dc5c5fe98d4069d2d0b06d9fa6"},{"id": 
"doc2", "rev":"1-b59ac7ccf4c21b26f6a4e1d72c509f23"},{"id": "doc3", "rev": 
   Then in the response.json you can observe something similar to this:
   Content-Type: application/json
   X-Doc-Id: _design/briefcase
   X-Rev-Id: 3-9df87eb32d30ce1e01fe4ca121ac725e
   Content-Type: multipart/related; 
   Content-Type: application/json
   Content-Disposition: attachment; filename="IMG_0361.PNG"
   Content-Type: image/png
   Content-Length: 2466384
   IHDRe   ????aiCCPkCGColorSpaceDisplayP3(?c``RI,(?aa``??+)
   rwR???R`????b
   ????>@%0|????/???:%5?I?^??b????D?0?????d ??S??JS?l?????):
 8,?? ??30??????n???~??@?\;b??
 xmlns:x="adobe:ns:meta/" x:xmptk="XMP Core 5.4.0">
      <rdf:RDF xmlns:rdf="";>
         <rdf:Description rdf:about=""
   ?8?@IDATx????ga'~????~?o????#I+??I?Y??|?8??d0?9? &???c R
   This format is completely compatible with Couchbase Lite and also Sync 
Gateway implementation.
   ## Checklist
   - [ ] Code is written and works correctly;
   - [ ] Changes are covered by tests;
   - [ ] Documentation reflects the changes;

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