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                array of routing rules or JavaScript function
     Rewrites the specified path by rules defined in the specified design
-    document. The rewrite rules are defined in *array* or *string* field
-    of the design document called ``rewrites``.
-Rewrite section a is stringified function
-    *'Rewrite using JS' feature was introduced in CouchDB 1.7*. If the
-    ``rewrites`` field is a stringified function, query server is used
-    to pre-process and route a request.
-    The function receives truncated version of req object as a single argument
-    and must return object, containing new information about request.
-    Returned object should include properties as:
-    - **path** (*string*): Rewritten path, mandatory if no *code* provided
-    - **query** (*array*): Rewritten query, if omitted original query keys
-      are used
-    - **headers** (*object*): Rewritten headers. If omitted, original
-      request headers are used
-    - **method** (*string*): Method of rewritten request. If omitted,
-      original request method is used
-    - **code** (*number*): Returned code. If provided, request is not rewritten
-      and user immediately receives response with the code
-    - **body** (*string*): Body for POST/PUT requests, or for returning to user
-      if *code* field provided. If POST/PUT request is being rewritten and no
-      body returned by rewrite function, original request body is used
+    document. The rewrite rules are defined by the ``rewrites`` field of the
+    design document. The ``rewrites`` field can either be a *string* containing
+    the a rewrite function or an *array* of rule definitions.
+Using a stringified function for ``rewrites``
+    *The 'Rewrite using JS' feature was introduced in CouchDB 1.7*. When the
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