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 ## View metrics in Grafana/InfuxDB
 Fluo metrics can be sent to [InfluxDB], a time series database, and made 
viewable in [Grafana], 
-a visualization tool by following the instructions below:
+a visualization tool. Below is a screenshot of Fluo metrics in Grafana:
+<img src='/resources/docs/fluo-metrics-1.png' width="100%">
+<img src='/resources/docs/fluo-metrics-2.png' width="100%">
+<img src='/resources/docs/fluo-metrics-3.png' width="100%">
+Following the instructions below to set this up:
 1.  Follow the standard installation instructions for [InfluxDB] and 
[Grafana]. As for versions,
     the instructions below were written using InfluxDB v0.9.4.2 and Grafana 
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