jkosh44 commented on issue #1085: Make commands more easily reusable outside of 
URL: https://github.com/apache/fluo/issues/1085#issuecomment-574491855
   Since the original issue, #983, is over 2 years old I thought this issue 
warranted a discussion to see if it's something people still want and if people 
agree with my proposed solution.
   For 1 and 2, we can add a public method to the command classes that returns 
some type of data object (or primitive if applicable). Not all commands would 
need this additional method. `execute()` can call this method and do any 
necessary printing. APIs and UIs can use the public method. For example 
`FluoStatus` could look like this
   @Parameters(commandNames = "status",
       commandDescription = "Prints status of Fluo application for <app>")
   public class FluoStatus extends AppCommand {
     public enum AppStatus {
     public void execute() throws FluoCommandException {
       AppStatus appStatus = status();
     public AppStatus status() {
       FluoConfiguration config = getConfig();
       try (FluoAdminImpl admin = new FluoAdminImpl(config)) {
         if (!admin.zookeeperInitialized()) {
           return AppStatus.NOT_FOUND;
         } else if (admin.applicationRunning()) {
           return AppStatus.RUNNING;
         } else {
           return AppStatus.STOPPED;
   `FluoWait` and `FluoInit` will probably be a little tricky, especially since 
`FluoInit` can read input from `System.in`.
   For 3 we can simply add setter methods for all the options.

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